A Boy and His Dogs

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that our dogs are a huge part of our family. They’re family members to us, not just dogs. I can’t imagine the family dynamic without either one of them, and their personalities are just as distinct as either of our human children. Our first baby was Zoe. Then we added Mitchell, then Loki, and then Julia. These dogs amaze me with their endless patience and unconditional love, despite living with a toddler who isn’t always “gentle…” or cognizant of things like “personal space…” But Mitchell loves them, and they love him right back. I am so grateful to have them as a part of our family. I truly hope we are always in a position to have a furry family member for our children to love on. They’re simply the best. So we took a walk with the wagon and I took some pictures of them. Because it was a beautiful Saturday night and we didn’t have anything else to do. 

It’s been a fun year watching Loki outgrow Mitchell and seeing them bond. They’ve certainly gone through a trouble-making phase together, and while it may have driven us nuts at times, it certainly kept us on our toes. 

It’s hard to believe our big baby Loki [in the picture just below] turned one in January, and Zoe is turning four this summer! Especially since when they started out we could hold each of them in one hand. 

At times we thought we’d never get here, but Loki sleeps through the night [he was worse than a baby!] without needing to go outside. We leave him out in the house with Zoe unattended when we leave, and he keeps my spot on the couch warm without stirring up any mischief. He’s finally grown into the dog we’d hoped he would, even though at times the light at the end of the tunnel seemed so dim and so far away. 

I love the peace of mind I have going to bed at night with Zoe sleeping on my feet and Loki patrolling the downstairs, usually deciding on a final resting spot of the couch or the stair landing. I may have to vacuum dog hair on a daily basis and we may not have the best-looking backyard in the neighborhood – but they surely are a part of our family we couldn’t do without.

It’s so fun watching these two grow up alongside each other – since they are only six month apart. I had my very own German Shepherd growing up too, so it makes me a little nostalgic at times. 

Mommy’s little photoshoots are much more fun when we play with sticks and get covered in mud. 

“Wait, why did Loki jump out of the wagon?”

And in case anyone want to see what my life usually looks like, here’s a pretty accurate depiction. We all want something! And we all decided we want it now, Mom!

Julia may not know it yet, but she’s already been indoctrinated into the Zoe-Mitchell-Loki tribe 🙂 

It only makes sense, I suppose, since I grew up on a dirt road in good old middle-of-nowhere Kansas with a shooting range, two swing sets, and 8-10 dogs running around at any given time. It’s where my love for dogs began. How can they not just make you smile? So here I am in my pantless, carefree, dog-loving toddler glory. I hope my kids grow up just like this. Happy Monday, y’all! 

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