The Calm Before the Storm

Today we’re spending the last day as a family for awhile getting as ready as we can for April. 

I’ve been calling it the calm before the storm. 

The calm being the end of March, the storm being April and beyond. The calendar this month is full-on nuts, and it’s not slowing down for the rest of the year. Goodbye: calm, easy-going, carefree schedule. 

Cue: Me going back to work. Kids starting with their new nanny. Steve working. Easter festivities. Visit from our Florida friends! A week-long business trip for the hubby. Visit from the in-laws! And a few fun activities added in like two birthday parties on the same day… and a few family photo sessions to keep up my photography dabbling hobby. 

There’s so much good and fun on the schedule! But I’m not going to lie and say I’m not a little overwhelmed when I walk past the refrigerator and see zero room to add anything to the calendar. 

It makes me wonder how we’re going to add in kindergarten and soccer practices and more babies in there someday. I guess that’s why you start out with a few and have a few years before they start school and sports and stuff. Breaking this new parent in easy 😉

Starting Monday, I’m back to work full time. So things are about to change pretty drastically around here. We’ve [well, I] have been living in a little stay-at-home-mommy fantasy land. Where our whole schedule revolves around when Daddy is at work and I can’t remember to last time I used an alarm clock that wasn’t Julia. 

Also starting Monday, the kids start with their new nanny. I’m so grateful we found her, and being at ease with the childcare situation is making my leaving-my-babies-for-work anxiety much better. 

And if that’s not enough, we’re starting to use the “D” word around here more. “D” word being deployment. It’s that big black storm cloud on the horizon and I’m starting to think about putting on my rain boots. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s just survive April. And spend our day taking lots of selfies, naps, and sitting on the couch.

Right, Julia? Right.

Goodbye March, hello April.

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