Easter Pictures and Plans

The only way to get a picture with both of my children together? 1. Be in the picture so I can hold Mitchell in one place without him running away. 2. Be in the picture so I can prop up Julia so she looks like she has more tricks than her go-to lay on her back on the ground. 3. Distract Mitchell with a Dollar Store styrofoam Easter egg on a stick [taken straight from our friend’s Easter stash for her daughter] and try to snap a good one in the 3-5 seconds before he realized the egg-on-a-stick looked just like a popsicle and decided to eat it. Don’t mind the teethmarks in our Easter decor this year. 

It might be a few or ten years before we have a nice posed family picture together, but that won’t stop me from trying. 

Our Easter plans are pretty low-key this year. We failed on participating in an egg hunt – and we were anything but prepared and hurting for a nap when we passed right by the Easter bunny photo-op at the PX last week. But we will be attending our church’s Easter service tomorrow morning, and returning home to hunt for some eggs and a cute little homemade Easter basket I have a feeling the Easter bunny may be delivering tonight 😉 

We were never able to find a church we loved during our nine-month Florida PCS, and it feels so great to be back in North Carolina where we have a church home and place of worship. I may be running on no sleep because I’m going straight from night shift to the early service – but I can’t stand to miss out on these special days as a whole family. I want to cherish every little chance we have with my little family. Especially since they’ll only be my babies for the blink of an eye, and deployment is going to force us to spend most of this year’s holidays apart. 

Happy Easter to all our friends! And just for fun, I’ll leave you with this one. Julia took her unenthusiastic glare to a whole new level with we stuck her in the Easter basket with her best friend, Olivia. Don’t let those looks fool you – they’re all sugar and spice 😉

Coming soon on the blog – our Easter celebration and a long-awaited visit from our Navy friends in Florida! 

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