Five Hour Easter

Yesterday, everyone was up by 7:30 getting ready for church, and by noon we were all tucked back in our beds napping the afternoon away, catching up on some much needed rest. But for those five hours we sure did have some family fun. 

We attended the early service to avoid the crowds, and it may have been the easiest church experience we have had since we started attending services there in 2011. We got front row parking without having to circle the lot even once. We dropped Mitchell in his Sunday School room, where they are putting him in with the two year olds now since he is potty trained. He walked right in and made a beeline for the toys, happy as can be, which was a welcomed change from the tears during the last two Sundays. I think he’s really grasping the fact that we are leaving him lately and it’s tough with all the commotion between services. We found a seat, no problem, and enjoyed a wonderful Easter service. Besides a marriage series they did last month, this may be my favorite sermon yet. Easter is such a humbling time of year and the worship was so wonderful. They had a slam-poet-esque guy come in between the music and the sermon and he gave an awesome monologue that really captured the awesomeness Jesus’ love and sacrafice that my husband and I were talking about as soon as we got to the parking lot. Our little princess slept the morning away in her car seat and didn’t even come out to show off her pretty Easter dress. 

We picked up Mr. Mitchell from his classroom (accident free!) and realized we were smart to pick the early service when we saw the sea of cute little girls in pastel dresses and little boys in their snappy Sunday polos ready for the next round of Sunday School. After church we hit up Krispy Kreme for some hot doughnuts. After working all night and staying up into the next day, I was sleepy and didn’t do any cooking or baking.

Mitchell was introduced to glazed doughnuts, and after finishing two whole doughnuts, he was still asking for more. Steve wanted to cut him off after one, but I caved and gave him a second. We only celebrate Easter once a year, after all. And I sympathize because it seems he has inherited my sweet tooth. 

“Where having you been hiding these from me Mom?”


“Don’t you think about touching that last doughnut Dad… it’s got my sugar-loving name written all over it.”

After collectively finishing off an entire dozen of hot doughnuts for brunch, we used the next half hour of sugar high to hunt the eggs and the homemade basket Easter Bunny left in the playroom!

The Easter Bunny brought jumbo sized eggs that fit Matchbox cars instead of candy. Because Mitchell doesn’t really eat candy and I definitely didn’t need any candy on top of those doughnuts.

Mr. Sticky Face had no time for cleaning his face before the great egg search began! I didn’t expect Mitchell to really grasp the egg hunting concept yet, but I was surprised how engaged he was! He was really looking for all those eggs and as soon as he found one he brought it straight to Daddy to open it up!

 Then he took each car and sent it down his slide. This boy amazes me everyday. It’s so fun being a boy mom.

The Easter Bunny left a basket of goodies, filled with a few needed things and a lot of fun things. 

He was thinking very practically when he stuck in some bibs and dinner plates and a Sophie teether. I’d been waiting and waiting for these terrycloth bibs to come back in stock at Babies-R-Us since I was pregnant and they finally did! They were my absolute favorite with Mitchell – they’re absorbent and there is a color to match every outfit. And they were on sale! A baby must for me. 

And we are sure to have lots of fun with the sidewalk chalk, bubbles, train tracks, and a cool crazy sprinkler! All these outdoor toys are making me excited it’s almost summer!

After the eggs we dug into the basket. 

Top it off with a few Easter books and I think the Easter Bunny left them a pretty great Easter surprise 🙂 I was a little disappointed in the Easter board book options – I was having a hard time finding one that explained the reason for Easter in a kid-friendly way and wasn’t just about bunnies and eggs and candy [as fun as that all is]. I will continue the search next year, however, so suggestions are welcome.

Grandma Martin sent them each their own little bunny too.

I love these kids dishes! We have a few of the bowls and I couldn’t help but add a few of the plates. The patterns are simply adorable and they have a suction cup on the bottom to keep them from ending up on the floor. And they are a welcomed treat since I’ve been cycling our only two kids plates through the dishwasher twice a day. I’m sure I’ll find another excuse to order a few more here soon.

The Easter hunt was ended promptly with a potty-training fail that was 100% Mommy and Daddy’s fault. Guess we got so excited about the doughnuts and Easter egg hunting we forgot about a potty break. Whoops 🙂 This guy has had three full nights of solo Daddy duty this week and it makes my heart so happy knowing how good of  a Daddy he is to our babies. I am so grateful for him every day and I just love him so much 🙂

It took about five minutes for us to wrap up the egg hunt, change back into our pajamas, and all be taking a much-needed nap. Our Easter festivities only lasted five hours, but they were sure a fun five hours with this little family of mine. This Easter has left me still smiling. And now I’m in full-planning mode for Mitchell’s second birthday party next month! I’m keeping the theme under wraps for a bit longer – but there is a photoshoot planned for this evening with some themed props, and the photographer in me can’t wait for sunset!!!

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