Life Lately 4.12.15.

Here’s a little photo dump of random pictures we’ve taken around the house lately. There isn’t a rhyme or reason, other than these are the ones I don’t want to get buried in my hundreds of folders of thousands of pictures on my computer. Julia and Mommy say, enjoy 🙂 I swear I will get pictures in those empty frames behind me sometime before Christmas. I even have them picked out. 

We’ve mastered the fist straight out pose. It’s her go-to lately. 

I don’t know about where you are, but eastern North Carolina has been getting some beautiful weather lately. Talk about a view from the back porch. I’ve been drooling over patio sets for some time now so we can eat dinner while we admire this sky. They’re part of my backyard plans for the summer. 

And one more, because it’s just so pretty. 

The first part of those outdoor decor plans, however, include incessantly putting down grass seed and watering. It’s 100times better than when we first moved in, but we’ve got a long way to go to get it where we want it before summer. 

Every time I see a patch of grass pop up I want to jump up and down out of excitement. Mitchell agrees. He wants some grass under his birthday swing set he doesn’t know he’s getting!

Sometimes when Mom doesn’t feed me I eat the foam off of my baseball bat. 

I know, I’m one of those moms that think my kids are just the cutest little things. Which is exactly why I take pictures of them doing the most mundane of things, because I just want to remember it all! For example, see Julia ready to go run errands in her carseat! The cutest!

Fetch Loki!

We’ve been putting our new double stroller to good use. Not only am I getting a little exercise, the kids are getting fresh air, and the dogs are getting worn out. This nice weather has been a welcomed treat. 

We upped Julia’s “bedtime” from 9:00-10:00ish to 7:30-8:00ish. [We’re clearly strict on bedtimes around here.] Mitchell goes down between 7:30 and 8:00pm most nights [it’s just when he starts getting cranky]. Julia has started getting fussy at night [gas, I think], but since we’ve started putting her down earlier she’s sleeping longer and we’re skipping that cranky hour! And we have a few hours with sleeping kids before we go to bed now! Win! 

The words of the husband lately:

Me: “Don’t tickle me! I’m eating!”
Husband: “It’s better than when you were pregnant and it was – don’t tickle me, I’m peeing…”
Thanks honey.

Husband: “What’s for dinner?”
Me: “Stirfry, why? You want to order pizza?”
Husband: “Yea…”
Me: “Okay, good. Me too.”
Glad we think on the same page.

Because I like to keep a clean house and he sometimes leaves things laying around…
“You’re like a vulture waiting to pick up my droppings.” 

He loves me so much. So much that when I get off the couch to go to the bathroom I come back to find my replacement vegging out on some TV with Daddy.

Julia still hangs out here a lot of the day, looking cute.

Mitchell likes to throw back a cold one while driving his car watching his “toons.”

The potty training continues, and he is so proud of himself for putting the all of the toilet paper in the big potty. I found him like this and I was halfway through a mom-voice “Miiiiitchell…” when I started laughing out loud and grabbed my camera instead. 

We’re a pretty groggy boy when we wake up from our naps. 

Julia loves my friend Katie 🙂 

And Mitchell loves me. 

Just kidding, he loves high living my face.

Someone thinks she’s a big girl trying to roll over now.

And this is what happens when Mitchell gets bored on photoshoots. The stroller gets emptied. 

I love it when she wears Mitchell’s old onesies. 

Milk mustache, don’t mind if I do.

We’re almost halfway through our busy month, and we’ve already had so much fun while trying to stay somewhat organized and a little bit sane. We had a wonderful visit with our Florida friends, and my first two weeks back at work were smooth sailing. I owe a lot of that to our new nanny. She’s been more than awesome, and childcare is something I do not worry about. Praise the Lord! Coming up for our family is a week-long business trip for Daddy, meaning I am going to be solo-Mommy for a bit. A last minute cookout with our friends tonight and I am determined to officially break out the corn hole boards for the season. Julia’s [late] three month blog post – how is she three months already?! A visit from Grandma and Grandpa Martin! A mud run I am completely unprepared for, but agreed to run, with my friend Katie and her two roommates. Slow and steady, right? Birthday parties [for our old base housing neighbors and new base housing neighbors on the same day, funny how that worked out], and of course, endless planning for Mitchell’s all-out second birthday bash! It’s killing me not to post a million pictures of the decorations, because I’m just so excited. This week I’m thanking God for my patient husband, our downtime to recharge together as a family, our health, our friends, and our home. I am so incredibly blessed and so incredibly grateful. It’s going to be a beautiful Sunday!

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