Three Months of Julia

Good grief, time flies. Julia is really a baby now and no longer a newborn. It makes me a little sad not having an itty bitty newborn, but every time we move on from one phase, it seems we are entering an equally exciting time.

We are staring to show a bit of our personality these days. She is a smiley little thing when you talk to her and she sees you looking at her. It’s so fun seeing her crack a big old grin and coo away when she is happy. She’s really started babbling and knows she has a voice now. My phone storage is always full with minutes and minutes of her just laying there on my lap – all you mom as out there can relate with thinking the most mundane developmental milestones are beyond exciting when it’s your little baby doing them. Just knowing we made this tiny little human growing up before my eyes is such an amazing thing.

She’s starting to learn new tricks. Sticking her tongue out is the latest entertainment, closely followed by staring at ceiling fans. I think we are going to have a roller in the next month. She gets those legs up in the air and throws them to the side, and I’m just waiting for her to surprise herself and everyone else when she finds enough momentum to roll onto that cute little tummy of hers.

She’s sleeping pretty predictably for now, at least during the nighttime. She is almost always in bed between 8:15 and 9:00. If she wakes up, it’s for a bottle between 3:00 and 4:30. Then she’s back to sleep until 7:30 or so. It’s just the best feeling in the world to see her face light up with a big old smile when she sees me come in her room. I’ve been finding myself taking off her jammies (she usually wakes up sweaty) and changing her diaper. Then she’s content to be a naked baby and talk to herself in her crib for 30 minutes or so, usually falling back asleep until 9:00 to 10:00. I’m getting plenty of sleep at night, something I am especially grateful for since we are busy with two full time jobs now and a lot of nights are solo-parenting. Mommies and Daddies love their sleep too 😉

She’s still napping off and on throughout the day, and I honestly haven’t really paid attention enough to notice a pattern. It does coincide with Mitchell’s naps though – because there are usually about two hours in the afternoon where the house gets eerily quiet… And I usually sneak in a good shower and some picture editing. We are kind of napping wherever we fall asleep… Swing… Bouncer… Propped up on the couch. Eventually we will start napping in the crib but we have been pretty laid back when it comes to napping routines during the day. Mitchell eventually created his own nap schedule when he was about six months old (if I’m remembering correctly), so I’m waiting a bit longer to see if she does the same. Mitchell is such a great sleeper, so I’m crossing my fingers that Julia follows suit.

We are wearing Size 2 diapers still, and still working on the big old box their Aunt Teri gave us months ago. Diapers are the best baby present, I tell ya. We will probably move onto Size 3’s at the end of this month though, because this girl has quite he potbelly going.

No update on stats because we haven’t been to he doctor, but I have no doubt that she is growing right on schedule. She is in mostly 3-6 month clothes. A few of those cute little three month outfits have gone in the too small bin, but I haven’t shed any tears about it… Yet. She’s got some really cute clothes she’s growing into so it’s been fun to put her in some new outfits. My little baby doll 🙂 Dressing her up is so much fun.

This month she’s been spending some quality time with Daddy, since I started back at work. They started out with a three day weekend of solo Daddy duty and I will not be surprised in the least if she ends up a little Daddy’s girl. I am loving me some Julia snuggles when I get the chance, though. She cuddles up on my chest and is so content being with her Mommy ❤

We are starting new things. Like laying on the playmat for longer periods of time. She is kicking the toys with her feet now and staring at the lights, really interacting with things around her. Being a Mom is just so much fun and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

She eats a lot, and formula is still expensive. Some things never change. The small bottles are a thing of the past, as she now downs big-girl-sized bottles in no time. 

I am thankful for every single day I am given to be her Mommy. I am thankful for Mitchell and Julia and any future babies we may be blessed with. I am so humbled to mother these little lives we’ve created and they make me want to be the best person I can be every day. I pray I am giving them everything I can everyday. Happy three months, sweetpea! Can’t wait to see what month four brings.

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