Summer’s Comin’

We got a little taste of summer last weekend and I love it. Sundresses for the girls, and shorts and polos for the boys for Sunday morning church? Yes, please. 

My friend, Whitney, sent Julia her very first monogram! How cute is that?!

Our pastor started a new series this week called Tough Questions, Real Answers. I am excited to see what God has to teach me in these next few weeks and where I’ll be applying Him in my life. 

Sunday afternoon was beautiful. We have been sending Mitchell out in the backyard to play a lot lately. We’ve also been watering the backyard non-stop in an effort to have green grass this summer. This weekend we killed two birds with one stone and sent Mitchell out to play in the sprinkler. 

I’ve always pictured my children outside, running through the sprinkler, without a care in the world. It was a beautiful sight, let me tell you.

We weren’t done being outdoors for the day, though. I’m pretty sure our backdoor stayed open all day. 

Our friends, Danika and Steve, came over for dinner after she wrapped up a day of kickball. That’s a thing here on the base, and all the wives have kickball teams with other wives in their units. I don’t play, but it sounds fun.

After bedtime for the three little ones, we threw some food on the grill, pulled out the corn hole boards, and had a fire pit  It was our first official time playing cornhole since last summer, and it was so much fun! Even though Steve and I lost the couples battle. When I opened the beanbag bag, some of that white Florida sand was still in there. It made me me miss our Navy friends from our last duty station terribly, since we played a bunch last summer with all of them. [We love you Marly!]

I can’t wait for summer to spend more time doing exactly this. 

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