Five Mile Mudder

Flashback to a few weeks ago… I was at my friend Katie’s new apartment visiting. She just moved in with two awesome roommates… so awesome that I’ve self-proclaimed myself an honorary member of their cute little apartment. [My husband and I helped her move – so I like to think I earned my spot a bit.] Back on topic… they were talking about a mud run they were signed up for and asked me to do it with them. When I mentioned it to my husband, I got a pretty firm, “You’re doing it.” He knew I would have fun, even though my three month postpartum fitness level is a little pathetic… by no fault of Julia and complete fault of my love for Oreos and not waking up at 4:00 to go to the gym before work. But I signed up anyway and forgot about it until it popped up on the calendar a few weeks later. I am so glad I did it – and we had so much fun! It made me feel good knowing it was supported the MARSOC (Marines Special Operations), especially given the recent tragedy in the MARSOC community. Be warned, there are a ton of pictures below. Because how often do you take a casual stroll through shoulder-deep mud in a “run…” more accurately described as a “swim” at some points?

The day before the race, I had a genius idea – to bring the GoPro I got for my husband’s Christmas present this year! He was off in New Mexico on business and wasn’t using it. So I tracked down a chest harness at the local tactical store and gave myself a little GoPro 101 the night before the race. 

Before I go all crazy with the pictures, here is a little of the video we took 😀

My mother and father-in-law were here visiting. Steve was originally scheduled to be back before the race when I signed up, but Grandma graciously volunteered to watch the kids. And my father-in-law volunteered to run it with me! He’s a runner, and signed up thinking it was more of a trail run. Though there was a little bit more mud than originally anticipated, we all had a ton of fun!

It was a little cold pre-race. We hung out in the car to stay warm. The early Saturday morning, packing up a bag of athletic clothes, waiting for the start line… it felt like I was back in college rowing again. I miss being a part of that team some days, and even a little bit of the training – as miserable as it was. 

It was selfie madness. All. Day. Long. 

I love this girl! And to think we have been friends for four years now. We’ve pretty much adopted her in the family. Don’t worry, Steve is a-okay with it. 

We found a really fast coworker at the start line… and got a picture because we knew we would never see him again once it started.

And we were off! A bunch of the race pictures turned out blurry [or the lens was covered in mud] but we got some good ones too!

Five miles and a lot of mud later… here we were. 

I thought to myself probably 20 times mid-race, “I sure hope the kids are being good…” Apparently I had nothing to worry about because this is what they were doing the entire time. 

This was Katie’s very first race! She was pretty pleased with herself 🙂 

We weren’t quite sure how Kaitlin’s face came out looking ready to film a Cover Girl commercial. Maybe it’s because she’s taller than all the rest of us and the shoulder deep mud was only waist deep.

All “cleaned up” and we went to wait for Grandpa Martin’s finish. He was in a later heat, so I had a little time to clean up. Though three showers later, my husband told me I had mud in my ears this morning. 

Grandma Martin was the photographer for the day. 

All-in-all, it was an awesome day. I really need to make time to participate in more events like this, because it was a blast. My husband was a little jealous he wouldn’t be back in time to run too, but there is always next year. Not to be outdone, my dad also did an eight mile mud run with a few of his friends in Kansas on the same day! Mitchell and Julia have some pretty awesome grandpa’s to be in such good shape! They’re faster than me!

4 thoughts on “Five Mile Mudder

    My first postpartum race was a mud run, and holy smokes they are so. much. fun!! Love that you were accompanied with some great ladies. Love even more that you all crossed the finish line at the same time.


  2. This was a blast!! I can't believe how fast the last 4 years has gone by! Couldn't ask for a better friend and family to be a part of 🙂 You guys are so great. Mitchell and Julia have the best parents and grand parents! You're Dad is awesome, he should come to Jacksonville for next years mud run! Nice caption for Bradley's picture!!! Thanks for bringing that wonderful camera of yours.


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