Grandma and Grandpa Martin Come to Town

I’ll be attempting to catch up on some blogging this weekend. Attempting, not promising. It’s been a little busy around here. A few weeks ago, Grandma and Grandpa Martin came to visit us in North Carolina! Because when your two lifelines, more commonly referred to as your husband and your nanny, both go out of town for the week… you call in the reinforcements. 

Grandma Martin gladly scheduled her visit around Steve’s work trip to New Mexico. She came prepared with formula for Julia, trains for Mitchell, and wine for Mommy. She knows us so well.

She watched the kids so I could get things done around the house. Like finish laying my little patio and building a shed with the help of my friend, Katie. Ask Steve about how he comes home to a new project every time he goes out of town… I suggest you take a seat because the list is long.

When we have guests, they stay in our guest room/nursery and I get a pretty cute roommate 🙂

Grandpa Martin joined her at the end of week when Steve came home. The two of us participated in a little mud run on Saturday. More on that here.

They spent a lot of time playing with the kids. I love my babies more than they will ever know, but it was nice having a little break too. For most of the visit, I only had one to take care of, because they had at least one entertained for me!

And then… they took them BOTH to the park and it was the first time I was home alone since BEFORE  Julia was born. I spent those two glorious hours taking a nap and remembering what quiet sounds like.

Before we knew it, Steve was home from his business trip and our week with Grandma and Grandpa Martin was over. Steve’s hours have been long at work and his trips are becoming more frequent. A week long away was a week to long and everyone was thrilled to see him – but most of all, me 😀

We are thrilled Grandma and Grandpa Martin will be back in about a month for Mitchell’s second birthday party! I feel like I can barely keep my little blog up with all our big events happening lately, because time just cruises along. Coming soon – Julia is FOUR months! [where does time go?!]

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