Life Lately 5.9.15.

We may not have eaten breakfast until noon today… but… I have two bathed and napping children in their respective beds. Steve and I are BOTH home for an afternoon with nothing [except endless chores] to do. It’s been awhile since this happened around here, so I’m more than a little grateful. I’ve barely turned on this computer in the last two weeks, so here I am happy to be here with a blog post two days in a row 🙂 We’ve been trying to keep our heads above water. I’m doing my best not to let the pre-deployment stress get to me. And I was doing really great until Steve came home yesterday to inform me that he was leaving for a another week-long work trip on Sunday… Mother’s Day… before the church service we were having Julia dedicated at. Thankfully our church was able to accommodate the change to the Saturday evening service… and then the Marine Corps pushed back his departure date until Monday… but I’m working nightshift, so thankfully our amazing nanny [check out her blog here!] saved the day once again being available to watch the kids overnight three times this coming week at the last minute. Woah, run-on sentence, but seriously. Is the Marine Corps trying to give me high blood pressure? 

Mitchell’s new hobby is climbing. I walked in his room to check on him at nap time and found this. We’re still wondering what his descent plans were, but it’s been fun speculating. 

Julia has turned into a little jumping bean. Minus the jumping part. But she loves playing with the toys and is surprisingly good at getting them to light up and make sounds!! 

Steve and I seem to be trying to catch a nap anywhere and everywhere we can, after being so exhausted this month. It always seems to end up looking like this, though. Hold me, Daddy! Pet me, Daddy!

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels around here sometimes. Some days it seems like I’m cruising through the projects. Other days it seems that my list is never ending and I’m winning just to keep the sink clear of dirty dishes. Nevertheless, our master bedroom is finally coming together and is no longer the least finished room in the house. There’s sure to be a post on that room later, but the garage, kitchen, and backyard now need the most work, so we’re definitely improving! I’ve given myself an end date of June 20th to finish my list. That’s Mitchell’s second birthday and we’re throwing a big old party to celebrate. Meaning before then I want the garage organized, indoor decorating projects done, picture frames filled, and yard put together the way we want it. Realistic? I can try anyway. For now though, I added this cute little welcome sign on the front door.

And with the help of Grandma Martin’s odds and ends she finds at her antique co-ops, my above-kitchen-cabinet decorating is coming together nicely and I love the homemade sign I made.

With a little help from my friend Katie, I laid my little patio in the backyard and built our shed to hold all of the outdoor toys – and covered up the muddy corner of our yard in the process. Steve was on a work trip, so I obviously needed a project. Here it is in its completed state, minus one little brick. 

So slowly, but surely, it’s coming together. Next up on the house projects – shelving in the garage. Due to arrive next week. Until then we’re watering the yard like it’s nobody’s business. Mitchell likes helping 😉 We WILL have grass!! My husband doesn’t believe me when I say I’ll eventually be done, but I know it will get there. I’m settling in here more than we’ve settled in our last two houses and I’m loving it more everyday. 


We’re trying our hardest to roll around here, and we’re getting pretty darn close. 

Julia has been having lots of playdates with her baby bestie, Olivia. 

Sent out these bad boys this week. It’s offically an astronaut party! Complete with a spaceship bouncehouse and a whole slew of space themed decor. Because when deployment takes away your fifth anniversary, Julia’s first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, Julia’s first birthday as a family, etc., etc…, I give myself license to go a little crazy. Oh, and all four grandparents and an aunt/uncle have RSVP’d they are traveling from out of town and I’m more than a little excited. 

Speaking of birthday parties, Mitchell attended a few for his friends this week. Balloons are his thing, apparently. Easily entertained like his mother.

When he is driving me crazy and our backyard is muddy, send that ball of energy outside anyway, I say. That’s what the washing machine and that bathtub are for, I say.

Mitchell had been such a sweet big brother lately, and it makes my heart so happy seeing him share his blankies and pass out lots of hugs and kisses ❤

That’s what’s been going around here. I thought we were marching into May with a little more breathing room on the calendar than April… but that doesn’t seem to be the case. But, in fun news! My brother and his girlfriend are headed out here from Kansas to visit at the end of the month. Goodness, I am thankful for my family and my awesome little brother. One of the  best parts about our time in Florida was living a few hours apart – and we miss his weekend visits a lot! 

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