Julia’s Dedication & Mother’s Day 2015

First and foremost… Happy Mother’s Day to our wonderful mothers! Shelee and Diane to most, Mom or Grandma to us. We have two of the most supportive mothers out there, and my Mommy has been there for me since Day 1. And my mother-in-law since high school 🙂 I’ll leave you with a video I made for my mom a few years ago below… if you’re into old home movies and stuff like that 😉 We had Julia dedicated at our church, First Baptist Jacksonville, on Saturday evening. I could not think of a more appropriate Mother’s Day gift than the opportunity to share my desire to raise our children to know Jesus. Both of our children are amazing blessings and I am so honored to be their mother. 

This year was my second Mother’s Day and my very first Mother’s Day as a mother of two! Last year I spent my first Mother’s Day with Mitchell at Disney World with two of my favorite mama friends – fellow military wives that became my best friends. We all had our babies together and named them Maybree, Mitchell, and Macy 🙂 I’ll stop my reminicing, and leave you with this post about that week here… but boy, do I miss them. BUT! We still have some amazing friends down here [for at least a few more months anyway], they were so nice to come celebrate Julia’s dedication on [their] Steve’s birthday! It is comforting to be back home in North Carolina where we have friends and a church home. When we first moved here in 2011, I attended First Baptist Jacksonville on one of my very first North Carolina Sundays. It was my first time church-hunting, since I grew up in the church my family attended in my hometown before. Steve was in Afghanistan, I was by myself, and I literally didn’t know anyone. We’ve come a long way making this a home for us since then. I took for granted that I found a church home on my very first “try.” We spent months looking in Florida and never found the right fit. I love the worship at First Baptist Jacksonville, I love the excitement for the gift of our salvation.

We showed up a bit early to take some oh-so-necessary family pictures to document our big event. 
I’ll love this man forever and ever. 

Steve’s mother sent the gown Steve wore for his ceremony, passed down from generations ago. Handmade by her great great great grandmother. How special is that??

The ceremony was short and sweet and perfect. This is what we affirmed in the ceremony.

To receive our daughter with gratitude, as Gods gift to us and our family.

To create a stable environment in which our daughter can grow into the likeness of God.

To daily honor our marriage covenant and vows. To recognize our marriage relationship can increase our daughter’s understanding of God’s love for her.

To be parents of personal faith, recognizing our children are more likely to follow Gods path by the model they first observe in us. 

To lead a faith-filled home that honors God in all our relationships and in the choices we make.

To be parents that model faith by being actively involved in the local church.

To be parents with patience, and recognize that with our inherent strengths and weaknesses, our desire to shape our daughter is a loving act that will require time, prayer, and God in order to produce in our children what He and we hope for.

This is a time that makes it difficult to live far from family, because I would love for Julia to have all of her grandparents and her uncle and her great aunts and uncles and her cousins there. But! My our friends, Danika, Steve, and Olivia, were there to witness the event. I am grateful for our all of our friends here. They really make it feel like home. Like many of our military friends, Danika, Steve, and Olivia will be leaving us before long to rejoin the civilian world. It always seems like we have another goodbye upon us, so I cherish the opportunity to spend this special occassion with our friends.


Here they are about five years ago – see they weren’t always softies with little baby girls 😉 Fun fact – all three of these guys are all sergeants now, and all ended up having daughters within three months of each other five years later. 

And of course some Happy Birthday Steve & Happy Mother’s Day Danika family pictures for them.

After church we wrestled the rugrats into their carseats and headed over to Longhorn Steakhouse for a delicious steak dinner to celebrate [not my] Steve’s birthday! We very rarely eat out, so having a nice dinner out was such a treat!!! 


 And last, but not least, the video you were promised. And our Mother’s Day has barely even started! Currently, both children are napping, Steve is doing our grocery shopping, our friends heading over in a bit, and our husbands are cooking us dinner tonight! Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommies out there! 🙂

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