Four Months of Julia

 Julia is four months old! [Plus a week because I’m late with this post]. The norm around here lately. A big shoutout to our friend Katie for this little pre-girls-shopping trip photoshoot. A successful shopping trip at that – we found hair bows at Target for Julia and a dedication dress at Kohl’s for Mommy. I will not deny picking out matching outfits for us on the average of 3 out of 7 days we make it out of pajamas/yoga pants during the week. It’s just too fun. I honestly had no idea how much I would love being a girl mom. In fact, I was convinced she was a boy, and actually hoped she was a boy. I knew I wanted to be a girl-mom someday, but for some reason I wasn’t picturing it during this go round. But boy, and I loving it. 

Onto the four month updates… one of the biggest changes this month was SLEEP! And no, definitely not the four month sleep regression. Exactly the opposite. Baby girl makes it through the night without waking up about half the time. She goes down between 8:00 and 9:00pm. BUT! She sleeps in until 10:00-11:00am nearly everyday. Who is this child? She wakes up early in the morning, we hand her a bottle [which she can hold now – what?!], change the diaper, and she is good until LUNCHTIME! Bring on the four month sleep regression because right now I’m feeling pretty confident, since I can more accurately describe her sleeping patterns as mini-hibernation sessions. Add in usually 2 naps that range anywhere from 1-3 hours [each!] during the day. 

Size wise we’re all over the map. We were fortunate enough to be gifted a load of diapers that took up half of the back of my SUV. Some of these were Size 1’s so that chubby little booty had some slimming diapers there for a few weeks [they worked though!], but we’ve moved back up to the Size 2’s. If we’re being honest, though… she’s a Size 3. We’ll be moving back up to those soon but I’m all about using what we have, so Size 1’s it was. Clothes wise… Primarily 6-9 month clothes, with some of the 6 month clothes already finding their place in the too-small bin. She’s wearing some 12 month items too. She’s a chubby little thing and I love it. I posted a diaper baby shot the other day and some people commented they thought it was Mitchell! And a baby picture of Mitchell on the refrigerator prompted the question as to which baby it was! I love that they look alike 🙂 And that they’re a perfect little combination of me and my hubby 🙂

Girlfriend loves to talk! Another big change – she’s babbling and gurgling all day long! She’s so interactive, and giggles every time I smile at her. That certainly never gets old. She loves the pacifier, but she also loves slurping on her hands too. She’s also moved up to the regular size pacifiers now [the same one Mitchell uses], and it’s oh-so-convenient that they can share them now. The Sunday School teacher looked at me like I was nuts when I requested her to go on a covert pacifier retrieval mission from Mitchell’s mouth because I forgot a spare for Julia for the service. We pulled out the bouncer [mostly for our friends who come over to use!], but Julia ended up bouncing in it after a week too! She loves it – and I was shocked at how quickly she figured out the toys! She is also about as close as it gets to rolling without actually rolling, which gives us some pretty exciting milestones to look forward to this coming month. 

She’s still 100% a Gerber baby, eating a 9-10oz. bottle every 3-4 hours. I’m looking forward to the doctor’s face when they see how chubby Julia’s gotten. Her four month appointment isn’t for a few more weeks, so we have to wait a bit longer to see where she comes in stat-wise. But on a scale of 0-10 of how worried I am about her being underweight I’d say I’m about a negative 4. There’s a quick rundown of her big changes over the last month. Parenting is by far the most fun thing I’ve ever done. I love this little munchkin so much. 

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