Wild Flowers

This [very early] morning, we took a trip out to a gorgeous poppy field with our friends for a little photo adventure. I may not have wanted to get out of bed when my alarm went off on my mid-week “weekend,” but I sure am glad I did. These flowers were gorgeous, and I already have my eye on a field of purple ones for our next photo adventure. It’s so fun having friends with the same photography hobby, because they don’t look at you like you’re crazy when you pack 14 outfits and 22 hair bows, and then decide to not use any of them and pick one out of your friend’s daughter’s stash. Sorry for the spit-up, Olivia, says Julia. We’re a little picture-heavy with this post but I can not pick a favorite. 

Once Julia’s time in the spotlight was over, we let Super Mitchell out of his carseat to fight the flowers with his awesome cardboard sword and pillowcase cape. He was killing it with cuteness. All boy through and through. 

And since I’m sure you want to see even more pictures in the wildflowers, here are a few or a lot of our friends, Danika and Olivia. Because they are gorgeous 🙂 

And one for me, because I’m always behind the camera instead of in front of it 🙂 If you made it through all those pictures, I’m impressed. We got a little camera happy today… but seriously… put some cute babies in a field of flowers like that and honestly try to tell me you wouldn’t either. I know, you can’t. Last, but not least, if any of you fellow bloggers know why the colors on some photos get a little wonky when you post them, please let me know! They look so pretty on the computer and get a little funny when I load them sometimes. Happy early weekend, friends! 

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