Three Girls in Three Months

We kicked off our Memorial Day weekend with some of our oldest military friends. These three guys all started out boot camp together. Then they all were sent from Paris Island, South Carolina to North Carolina to complete their infantry training. Where they were all thrown into the same class, and would later land the same exact job – mortarmen. Of all the units in the Marine Corps, they were all sent to the same infantry unit, same company, same platoon. They started out sharing a room – all three of them – in the barracks. A lot of Domino’s pizza and field day inspections later, Steve escaped the barracks by way of marrying me 😉 The other two would follow suit a few years later and get married. They deployed to Afghanistan twice together, and since have parted ways to different units. But we all still find the occasional excuse for a get together, and this weekend it was when we were invited over for a Memorial Day cookout. I’m pretty sure five years ago when they all started this little journey, they didn’t think they’d all be having baby girls within less than three months of each other. Pretty crazy if you ask me. Not so tough without your Kevlar and rifles now, huh? 😉

I mean, here they are five years ago fresh out of boot camp. 

Then three years later, all married, [us very pregnant with Mitchell!], heading out for their second deployment to Afghanistan together. 

And there they are in Afghanistan, right after my husband signed up for another four years. 

And here are the three of us [and our baby girls], along for the ride. 

These last five years have been a pretty crazy journey – for all three families. 

They have an awesome backyard and we were grateful for the beautiful weather and company. We sent Mitchell out with a stick and a ball, and he was content to roam the yard for most of the afternoon. The rest of these pictures are mostly random ones… because I have a problem and I can’t put my camera down. 
Hey Mitchell, what’s better than one hamburger bun? 

Two – taken right off of somebody else’s plate. And he has no remorse 🙂 

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon if you ask me. Happy Memorial Day weekend. 

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