This morning was a little rough. After oversleeping and running out the door, having a sunburn from the day before, forgetting my sunglasses when I’m outside at work Oh and then locking my keys in my car. You know, one of those days. It definitely got better though. A lot better when I came home to this waiting for me on the dining room table! Donuts with sprinkles!!!

With an adorable little note saying “I donut want to say I Do without you! Will you be my bridesmaid?” 

Umm, yes!!! But first let me eat a donut 😀
A little throwback to almost five years ago when Rachel stood next to me at our wedding! The one laughing on the left. Because she is pretty much always laughing like that. She is honestly one of the most genuine, caring, thoughtful people I have ever met and I feel so lucky we became besties back in grade school! I cannot say a bad thing about this girl. She’s a woman of God and always so encouraging, and she may be a few years younger than me, but I consider her a role model! I remember sitting at her kitchen table cutting out pictures from bridal magazines when we were twelve, not even ten years later laying out at the lake flipping through them again planning my wedding, and now I feel honored to stand next to her at her wedding next year! 

We’ve been married for nearly five years. We did things a little early. But it’s such an exciting time now, because so many of my friends are getting engaged and marrying away! Saying I Do to my hubby is on the short list of greatest things I’ve ever done, followed closely by two little red-headed chubby babies. It has been so fun and so worth it and gets better everyday. I could not be more excited for next June and for one of my dearest friends to experience this all for herself! Love ya Rachel! Of course I’ll be your bridesmaid 🙂 

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