Life Lately 6.2.15.

Daddy turned 26 yesterday!!! 

We celebrated with my brother in town, which was awesome. 

Julia met her Uncle Colby!!! Been waiting on this day for awhile 🙂 

This is the first thing I see when I wake up in the mornings. 

Mitchell had his TWO YEAR OLD appointment today. I caught Steve reminiscing on some newborn pictures last night and it’s so crazy to me how much his baby pictures still look like him, yet how grown up he is looking at the same time. He was 37 inches tall [95th percentile!]. And 31 pounds… 75th percentile… Given that he’s only gained three pounds since his first birthday, he’ definitely longed and leaned since the days of our chubby little guy. We love our blankie cape! We added the word blankie to our vocabulary this week… “Key!” His language is developing, but the doctor still is referring him to some speech therapy. Hopefully this helps him pick up his speech, and try to get the number of words he has to outnumber the animal sounds. Maybe. Until then… mooooo, woof!, meow, ooo aaa ooo aaa, quack!, and roar! But no mama…

Steve finished Mitchell’s birthday present… Which he got to play on a little early 😉 

Speaking of big boys and birthdays, someone loves helping Daddy with chores, and someone is so excited for his astronaut party he doesn’t want to take his jetpack off. And both someone’s are named Mitchell. 

My mom brought all of me and my brother’s Duplo Legos from when we were kids. Mitchell loves them almost as much as he loves dumping them out.

This little thing is as cute as ever.

We’re busy as ever around here right now. We have some really high moments on the horizon [Martha’s Vineyard!], but some low ones too [deployment]. So I’m soaking up family time when I can and distracting myself with birthday prep when I can’t. And trying to keep up with my blogging and pictures! I love looking back on these posts so much and seeing how far we’ve come in the past few years. 

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