Make it Count

I was driving home a few days ago listening to K-Love… which for a few months there was the only radio station that wasn’t pure static in my car. Don’t get me wrong – I missed my Taylor and my country jams, but I usually listen to K-Love so I really didn’t mind all that much. In between songs they started talking about a particular verse in Proverbs. 

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

I feel like this has been such a theme in my life in the past few months, and God waited until I was listening and told me that it was His word. Not just something that I came up with. Cause He is always coming up with the good stuff in my life. Days with these babies are like gold to me. Mitchell is going to be TWO this month. Julia is rolling now, and she’ll be crawling in no time. My babies are only babies for the blink of an eye and then they’re grown up. AND with Steve leaving for deployment? I love these red-headed people more than I could ever express. Lately I’ve been praying more than ever that I treasure my days with them, all three of them, because they come and go so quickly. 

We have some really fun things on the schedule before deployment. A date for Steve’s birthday tonight 🙂 Mitchell’s birthday party, that I’ve been talking about non-stop. Father’s Day with BOTH Grandpa’s AND Uncle Tim in town. A family trip to Martha’s Vineyard for the Fourth of July. 

We’re also starting to talk about the possibility of family vacations next year, which is a fun thing to think about too. 

But some of the best nights are ones where I crawl into Mitchell’s bed after he’s asleep and steal snuggles half the night. Or after Steve and I are ready for bed, we clean up all the toys scattered from the day, and go upstairs and tuck both sleeping babies in their beds. Or when we find an hour to sneak away to the park and watch how much fun Mitchell has running around chasing the big kids. 

I don’t spend a second taking my camera for granted. I am beyond grateful we made the investment in my dream camera kit over the last year. Because every time I catch a smile like this… it’s worth every penny. I am trying my very best to treasure all of these beautiful  minutes with this family of mine, and when I can’t, I’ll make sure to get as many pictures as I can to look back on these moments for all of time. 

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