Birthday Date

This guy turned 26 this week.

His actual  birthday was on a Monday… So we spent the evening once he got home eating a home cooked meal and finishing off a cookie cake. With the help of my brother and his girlfriend, of course. As much as I wish we could finish off a cookie cake ourselves… I’ll admit when we need some help. Being the low maintenance kind of guy he is, he happily hung up his homemade birthday card on the wall of artwork, complete with a rainbow of Mitchell scribbles, and thanked us for dinner. 

What he didn’t know is that I’d set aside Friday night for a 24-hour adults only date. My mom graciously agreed to stay at our house and watch the circus so we could sneak out for an entire night. And she let us stay at her beach house!

So when Steve came home from work at 4:00 in his cammies, I told him no shower, no changing, let’s  go. Since the Marine Corps is the only branch not allowed to wear their canmies anywhere off base, he gave me a confused look, but played along. He loaded up the bags we had packed and I told him to head for the commissary. Later, once he figured out where we were going, he told me he would have been happy with a kidless grocery shopping date together. See, I told ya… Low maintenance. We filled our basket with sushi and cheesecake and hit the road for the quick 40 minute drive it takes for us to get to this little beach we like to think of as our second home. After all, we did live there for a few months earlier this year. 

He even agreed to taking a few pictures on the beach with me after our fancy dinner out. Fancy meaning we looked presentable, didn’t have kids, and ordered shrimp. Agreed meaning this is how he really feels about pictures. Don’t let him fool you, he loves our tripod photoshoots

I was grateful to have a night for just the two of us, like it was back when we were dating. Even though we spent a lot of time talking about how much we missed our munchkins, we spent a lot of time laughing about things that didn’t consist of baby babble and baby bowel movements. It’s funny how much changes when you become parents. We went for an evening swim while the sun set, and the water was so warm it felt like bath water! And then after twelve – TWELVE! – hours of uninterrupted sleep – yes ,we went to bed at 9:00 and it was amazing – we spent the day on the beach.

 We pulled out the boogie boards Steve’s parents got us for our first anniversary. Those things have been loads of fun every summer that we’ve had them. We spent the day out in the sun and sand, like we did when we first moved out to North Carolina the year we were married 🙂 

I’ve now promised him a birthday next year that lives up to this year’s standards, so I should probably start planning now 😉

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