Five Months of Julia

Five months, this little thing is. And more smiley than every. And talkative! She is always babbling and gurgling. We think she’s a bit more opinionated than Mitchell was. She’s a little more particular and lets you know when she’s not pleased with something. Like having a dirty diaper for more than 3 seconds. Not to say she’s a difficult baby, because she definitely is not that. We were told over and over that she will be the polar opposite from our first, and she’d put us through the ringer once she’s here. We’ve yet to see it, and she reminds me so much of my jolly little Mitchell. 

This week we noticed her two bottom teeth have both popped through! We were wondering what all the fuss was about, and I guess it was for good reason. Two down, lots to go. Her latest nickname is Julia Droolia, courtesy of Grandma Brim. She had her four month appointment this month. She is a whopping 18.2 pounds and 27 inches! We joke every time she cries for a bottle, because she sounds like we’ve never fed her. She’s putting away a 10 ounce bottle about every four hours. Thankfully she makes it a little longer at night… from 8:00 usually until 4:30. She wakes up, takes a fresh bottle, and goes back down until 8:00-9:00. She loves her sleep like her big brother. 

She’s doing the taco sit now, and I have a feeling she’ll sitting on her own by the end of the month. Looking back, Mitchell was already sitting at this point, so he’s a little ahead of her in this department. She’s rolling still, but I’m sure she’ll be rolling with ease by month six. Mitchell, on the other hand, wasn’t rolling yet. It’s fun to look back on their milestones and see how they compare. 

The baby blues are still there and I love them as much as I did the day she was born. I sure hope they stay, but Mitchell’s went away so I’m not holding my breath. 

She’s wearing some of her 6 month clothes now, but I’m mostly putting her in 9-12 month clothes. Neither Mitchell or Julia were huge babies, but once they started growing, they grew FAST. Her summer clothes are so much fun and sun dresses are the cutest. And they’re even cuter when she can sit up to pose for pictures 😉

Julia has her first airplane ride coming up this month! We also got a baby swing for Mitchell’s birthday swingset, so it will be fun to see what she thinks of that. She loves being covered in lots of blankies, sitting up like a big girl in her Bumbo, jumping in the exersaucer, kisses from the dogs, smiling when she sees her big brother, and kisses on the cheek. She joins us for family dinners now, and we plop her right in the middle of the dinner table in her Bumbo. We’re on the hunt for a good booster for Mitchell, though, because she is ready to take over the highchair! Time flies! 

A big thanks to Grandma Brim for this cute little outfit and photography set! She brought this out with her to North Carolina when she came for the summer, and we just might need to find another excuse to use it again 🙂 Next up, HALF A YEAR! Six months, here our sweet little girl comes. 

2 thoughts on “Five Months of Julia

  1. She is just so sweet. Would you mind if I asked what settings you had your camera on? I am always interested to see how others use their shutter speed and what not to get these gorgeous photos. And do you do a lot of photoshop? How do you find time if you do?


  2. Stephanie, the settings on my camera were ISO 500, shutter speed 1/200, and f/2. I used my Mark III with the 50mm 1.4 lens, which is a must have lens for me 🙂 I use it more than my “big expensive” one. I did these in photoshop, but I've started using Lightroom a lot more lately. And I definitely recommend Rachel Smith Photography's presets. She has a link on her Facebook page and sells them on Etsy. Super affordable and they make it so quick! I am always behind on my picture editing, but I try my best to find time because I know I will want them someday! I am definitely no expert but I've learned a lot by trial and error and they're fun little subjects 🙂


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