Topsail Beach

After a total of zero beach days yet this summer, we more than made up for it with three [!!!!!] beach days this weekend! After our beach getaway on Friday and Saturday for Steve’s birthday without the kids, we packed up the circus and headed down to Grandma’s Beach [aka Topsail Island] with everyone! Julia was a trooper, and once she finished off her bottle, was happy as a little clam. Or happy as one of the undetermined sand creatures Mitchell was “rescuing” and tossing back to sea.  I can’t get enough of these people or Julia’s big ‘ol belly in that swimsuit. We scored a perfect little spot under one of the condo walkways out to the beach, so we didn’t even have to set up the umbrella for Julia to have her shady spot to roll around and enjoy the breeze.

Steve and I left the shore for a bit and had some fun on the boogie boards. I like to channel my inner surfer, solely based on my love for Bethany Hamilton and Blue Crush, and ride a few waves. We remembered to bring the GoPro out this time with us and got a few videos. And pictures. Including this picture where we had no idea this wave was about to crash over our head. We’ll be laughing at this one for awhile. 

Hopefully we’ll make it back out on the beach again soon, but our three days of beach this weekend should tide us over until then 🙂

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