Pool Day

This week we walked down to the neighborhood pool with Grandma and Grandpa Brim. It sure felt good with the recent North Carolina heat. The weather has been steadily in the upper 90’s for a few weeks now, and I won’t even comment on the hair-perming humidity. Mitchell thought it was so much fun to have Grandpa join us! And Mommy thought it was great to have four extra grandparent hands to keep track of babies in the pool. No better summer activity for a two year old [still getting used to that!] than a trip to the pool.


We had so much fun at the pool, in fact, we went back for more the very next day. Swimming is such a fun outdoor activity, and a surefire way to tucker out the kids enough for a fair shot at a night of uninterrupted parental sleep. (Not counting Loki’s regularly scheduled midnight potty break).

Daddy got to join us on Pool Day #2!

 I wish, wish, wish we could have put Mitchell in swim lessons this summer, but sadly the only lessons offered for this age are Mommy & Tot. Meaning I have to be in the pool. And since this would have to be Mommy-Tot-Baby for our growing family, swim lessons are on hold until he turns three. But he is blowing bubbles, at least when he’s not thirsty and opts to drink the water instead, which Mommy thinks is just the cutest thing in the world! He’s a little timid in the water, but I blame that on not making it to the pool yet. But he’s starting to get the hang of pool, so long as he has his trusty puddle jumper to keep him afloat!

 Can’t forget this bathing beauty.

And, as lucky would have it, the storms parted on Thursday afternoon, so Mitchell was able to sneak in one last pool day before his vacation. Complete with a new set of pool toys that he had Grandma convinced he just “needed.” I distinctly remember being able to do that to my own Grandma once upon a time. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh mom? Or I suppose in this case, the goggles don’t fall far from the grandkid. 

We brought the GoPro and had a little fun taking water pictures 🙂 I thought those were only good for sports, but we are sure getting some good use out of it and I love all the home movies we are getting! 

I had visions of getting some underwater pictures of Mitchell, but for now I’m settling for this. He’s figuring out kicking, but not yet learning to close his mouth and not drink the water. Baby steps, right?

I’d totally marry him if I hadn’t already [almost!] five years ago 😉

These pool dates the perfect summer activity! I fully plan on throwing the kids in the stroller and walking down there every chance we get this summer!

2 thoughts on “Pool Day

  1. The pool is our favorite afternoon activity! The BEST way to wear the littles out.
    I love seeing Grandpa there, too! 🙂
    We did a lot of mini swim lessons in our bathtub when it was too cold to make it to the pool (bubbles, kicks, back floats). Our little lessons were just a few minutes long, but it seemed to help. Maybe you could have your own impromptu sessions? 🙂


  2. My Dad had so much fun with him! We really just need to start bringing him more often. But he's visiting Grandma all week who has a pool, and hopefully we'll find more time to go when he comes home!


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