Father’s Day 2015

We spent Father’s Day with family down at Topsail Island. It just doesn’t get any better than family in town. Sadly, Grandpa Martin left early on Father’s Day, but we still had Daddy and Grandpa Brim all day! We brought a load of birthday party leftovers down for dinner and spent the day. I will say, the beach with two little ones is a lot easier when you have a shower to de-sand in after. Like everything else I’ve been doing lately, we did our Father’s Day gifts day-of. I’m driving my normally planning-ahead self nuts. We framed these pictures. And Grandpa Brim’s frame was extra special. Since he loves comic books so much, we mod-podged some actual comic books on the frame, and he loved it! 

We weren’t going to waste this gorgeous day without a trip down to the beach. 

Cousin Sian was in town visiting from Chicago, so she certainly enjoyed the trip to the sand and sun too! 

I’m convinced this is the best way to do the beach with a baby. Totally worth the chore of vacuuming the sand out of the Pack and Play later. I discovered this genius idea back here when we spent a day at Pensacola Beach waiting for the Blue Angels to fly. Julia slept in there for about two hours, completely sand free, shaded from the sheet [and the lucky spot under the stairway!], with a nice beach breeze blowing through. She only woke up when I made her take a few pictures 😉

I got to boogie board with my Daddy on Father’s Day! So fun! 

We love Cousin Sian and we are so happy she made the trip to see us!

My parents are the cutest!

Then this little thing woke up ❤

We love Grandma and Grandpa Brim’s little home on the beach. We just keep on making memories down there, and I know there are more to come! 

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