Life Lately 6.30.15.

We’re wrapping up June already, and I’m not exactly sure where it went. The girls and the boys split up a few days ago. Steve and Mitchell loaded up in the Explorer and are currently enjoying a little vacation together at Martha’s Vineyard. Which leaves the house eerily quiet. I’m not really sure what to do with myself. First thing’s first. Catching up on my pictures. So many pictures. When Grandma and Grandpa Martin were in town, Grandma Brim babysat so we could sneak away to shoot for the [very hot] afternoon. It was a fun adult-only family activity, and Grandma Martin is a pretty darn good shot if I do say so myself!


It’s still sinking in that Mitchell is two. He’s been working so hard at his speech therapy lately, and growing up and figuring this big boy gig out. One thing is for certain, he loves his sleep. And Mommy loves his sleepy snuggles.

We go nowhere without that brown blankie.

This little thing is happy as ever. She can’t get a kiss without smiling, she has discovered the pure joy of play with her toes, and she can [finally!] keep the pacifier in her mouth without spitting it out every 30 seconds. More on that in her six month post coming in a week. A week! We’re going to be closer to one than zero. It’s not sunk in that my baby is growing up. 

Cousin Sian surprised everyone [except me] with her visit for Mitchell’s birthday. 

We shared a delicious family supper with so many people we love. Such a treat! 

Our full table!

Jumping Julia!

This is what it looks like when your two year old goes on vacation with your husband. Empty tables and countertops for more than five minutes? Quietness? No Mickey Mouse? Zoe is a little confused. 

It also means that we got to have a few girl days. We haven’t had a full girl day since we were in the hospital waiting to come home to our house full of boxes five months ago. 

Can’t forget these two bundles of shedding fur. Everywhere. Fur everywhere. My vacuum cleaner needs a vacation. 

Mitchell thinks his birthday present is pretty cool. 

So does Julia. 

That wraps up June. Hey there, July. Zoe Enthusiastic Martin can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

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