Six Months of Julia

A little early, but that’s okay because I’m usually a little late… right? I snapped these pictures yesterday and they are just to adorable to sit on for five more days. I can’t help myself. Six months. Half of a year. Closer to one than zero. Size 4 diapers. Sitting up. Twenty pounds. Two teeth, for goodness sake. How are we hitting all these milestones so quickly? 

Exactly one day after I posted her five month post she had a tooth pop through! And two days later she had another! So we’ve had her two bottom teeth in for a month, but no signs of anymore. Except the drool. Buckets of drool. 

Little Miss was lacking in the pajama department, so we stocked up on my very favorites from Old Navy. At the rate we’re growing, I went ahead and grabbed the 2T. Not even kidding. They’re a tad big but I’m hoping they fit her for a bit more than a month. Everything else is either 9 to 12 months. On my 6 month old. Like Mitchell, like Julia. So I just went on ahead and bumped her up to Size 4 diapers, since the Size 3 diapers have started accentuating that formula gut quite nicely. 

We have a sleeper. It got a little grim there when we were teething and had two weeks of Pack-and-Play camping in Mommy and Daddy’s room. With Zoe and Loki. But we’re back to our normal 8:00pm to 4:30am, bottle, diaper, and back to sleep until anywhere between 9:00 and 11:00am. Which Mommy is a-okay with. No napping schedule yet. I can’t remember when we started the trusty old afternoon nap with Mitchell [Mommy’s glorious quiet cleaning time], but I’m hoping it kicks in soon for Julia. 

She’s starting to reach for things she wants to play with [like my hair] and grabbing it [with a death grip]. So cute, so long as it is anything but my hair. She is playing with toys, and among her favorites are the moose and the famous hand-me-down Sophie

This little thing is talking, talking, talking. And when she gets a smooch on the cheek, she is smiling, smiling, smiling. I thought we lucked out the first time with a happy baby, and Julia has followed those cute little happy Mitchell footsteps. 

We’re sitting, but not without a soft surface to land on. Because this little gymnast has already mastered the tuck and roll. I have no idea what tricks she’ll be performing next month, but I have a feeling she’ll have the sitting business down pat. 

Someone has discovered their cute little baby toes double quite nicely as teething toys. Foot in mouth. All the time. 

We have a roller! Nap time is getting a little more difficult because she hasn’t figured out that she can roll back over. Even though she can. So we get “stuck” on our tummy and cry until someone rescues us. She’s waking up on the opposite side of the crib most of the time, or turned around, and she’s even grabbing the sheets to pull herself along! 

Little thigh roll over here is holding steady at her 10 ounces of Gerber Good Start every 3-4 hours, except at night. We haven’t made it to her 6 month appointment yet [or scheduled it, clearly on top of things around here], but I have no doubts she is growing right on schedule. I am grateful for her health and happiness. 

Julia loves her doggies, and the dogs are ever-patient to her ear-pulling, eye-poking, tail-yanking shenanigans. All a reflection of her deep love for her fur-siblings, of course. 

July is yet another big month for us. More on that later. But for now we are looking forward to a little family vacation and savoring our sweet family time. 

This week we are taking her very first airplane! Actually, her first six airplane because our local airport and Martha’s Vineyard airports aren’t exactly big. I fear not, and am just thankful I am flying with Julia and not Mitchell. She’s at a much easier flying age. And a much easier age in general. When they can’t move, it’s a lot less work. But her stationary days are quickly fleeting. 

I’m thanking God this month for another month with our precious little girl. Half a year has flown by. I love being a mom to this little girl. Everyday is a blessing. 

4 thoughts on “Six Months of Julia

  1. OMG. Her face is just gorgeous. The hair pulling makes me want to chop all mine off. George is always pulling it. Another camera question? Do you shoot these in BW or do you change them in the editing process? I am always curious about people's processes with BW.


  2. Julia is a chunk! Mitchell can wear the same size pajamas as her from Old Navy! She's in that cute chubby stage before she starts crawling and grows out of it so I'm enjoying it while it lasts 🙂


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