Sunday Night Bike Ride

Only the BEST way to end a weekend. We spent all of Sunday at home. We didn’t get in the car once, and to me, loading the kids up in the car is exhausting in and of itself. The getting them out wherever we are going. Then loading them back up, going home, and getting them settled back at home. So the days we don’t have to go anywhere? Golden. We played together and sat on the couch and ordered a late-afternoon pizza on a whim, Mitchell played on his swing set while Steve and I caught up on a little housework, supervised by Miss Julia in her Bumbo. And we wrapped up the evening with a short little bike ride that ended up being 14 miles. Which isn’t too far except that we were on mountain bikes and Steve had to pull the trailer with both kids, all the water, extra diapers and wipes, Julia’s bottle, and of course, my camera. Because who goes anywhere without a camera?
The bike trailer was Steve’s birthday gift from my parents and it was great! This was the first time we got to break it in, and we’re already planning on going on another ride this week. Only downfall is it’s a little hot for the kids when it’s 99 degrees with 90% humidity [love some North Carolina heat, don’t get me wrong], but we waited for evening and with the breeze flowing into the trailer they were just fine.
Julia was a little startled by the bumps, but she fell asleep after awhile and we didn’t hear a peep from her after that. She’ll only get better as she starts sitting up a little better, and I can’t wait to get some use out of it this fall when Daddy is gone and Mommy needs to drag these guys along on a workout 🙂
Family days are the best. I’ll say it again, the best. Summer has got to be my favorite season of all. Though when it starts cooling down a little you won’t find me complaining. Soaking up every little second with my sweet little family.

On the agenda for the week? Pool, family dinners, and more bike rides!

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