Texas Cousins

If you’ve heard the Montgomery Gentry song, “Something to Be Proud Of,” it’s been playing through my head for a awhile now. Last week I shared our trip back to Kansas, to celebrate the life of my Grandfather, Aubrey Brim. You can read more about that here, but here is a quick peek into his life if you aren’t already familiar. He married his high school sweetheart after [Army] bootcamp as a Private, just before he deployed as a pilot to serve in World War II. The Army Air Corps eventually morphed into the United States Air Force, where he would serve a long and decorated career, and eventually retire as Major Aubrey Brim. He was married to my grandmother for 68 years. They had two beautiful children, a daughter-in-law, son-in-law, two granddaughters, a grandson, two grandson-in-laws, four great granddaughters, and a great grandson [named after him], all who loved them dearly. We’ve spent countless Christmases and birthdays and days without any occasion at all together celebrating the simple fact that we have a family who loves each other. This get-together was a little different, because we were celebrating without Nanny and Papa, but we rejoiced in the fact that they are home with their Savior, together, where they’ve always belonged. Seeing as we are spread out all over the US [Texas, Kansas, North Carolina], we put the camera on a tripod to capture a few pictures of all of us together. It was my grandparent’s love that created these people and brought us all together, and how can you not be more proud than something that beautiful?

The blessed children of a long, happy marriage. 

Three grandchildren and five great grand babies, all in one picture. 

Two granddaughters, happily married, with a combined five children, living the Texas country life and military life – two lifestyles so familiar and loved by their great grandfather. 

We really did have Papa wrapped around our little fingers, didn’t we 😉 

Yep, those little fingers 🙂 

My cousin Amie and her husband Nicholas. 

ALL of the grandchildren in one picture. Try to find something that melts my heart a little more, I dare you. And we were 4/5 on the smiles [I’m counting Julia’s grimace]. Pretty good for a bunch of littles 🙂 

All of the two year olds. 

The beautiful little twins. 

The lone grandson and his beautiful, sweet-hearted girlfriend, spending the entire day supporting our family. I love them so. 

Three guys that have my heart, right there. They’re all the best and they’d do anything for me. 

They’re not always that serious 😉 

Julia with her Cousin Amie. 

The first great grand baby of the bunch, Sterling! 

Julia with her cousin Stella! 

Julia and Sweet Sterling ❤

Julia and Attitude Sterling. Cracks me up. 

It would be my dream to get all these girls together at least once a year. The seemingly endless busyness of life make it seem nearly impossible, but one can dream, right? How fun would it be to have all of these girls growing up together?

My Aunt Christeen [hence my middle name!] and Uncle Kenny are such an important part of our family, and they’ve been there since my very first day. It’s a blessing having two sides of your family bond together. I’ve got my fingers crossed they decide to come vacation out here in North Carolina sometime soon!

The most photogenic little thing! I’m hoping Julia gets these love-to-pose for the camera genes. 

My Momma and Daddy! 

And last, but not least, my family. These parents of mine have sent my brother and I into the world with all of their knowledge and a huge support system. I love them all and I truly feel like I landed the family jackpot. Extended family and in-laws, included. 

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