Life Lately 7.25.15.

So what hasn’t happened lately in the Martin household? Our biggest news is that this little thing went from roller to crawler overnight. All of the sudden we looked over and she was on her hands and knees locked and loaded. She thinks it’s just the greatest thing to rock back and forth, though her only current direction of travel is backwards. And the very next day, Steve found her sitting up! No idea how she wound up that way but this little girl seems to have gone mobile overnight without asking Mommy’s permission. We said we were going to throw her outside (i.e. playroom) to the wolves (i.e. Mitchell) once she started crawling. Lucky girl is about to graduate to the playroom with big brother 🙂

Speaking of playroom, Mitchell loves his birthday trampoline from Aunt Lindsay. Because what toddler doesn’t need a trampoline in the middle of the house? Or so says Lindsay. But Mitchell thinks it’s the greatest thing (well duh, Kourtney), and when it’s not being jumped on, you can find him curled up with a bottle and a blankie watching Toy Story. 

If you don’t keep an eye on my little sweet toothed boy, this is where you’ll find him. Thieving dessert after dinner. I’m so proud. 

We introduced solid foods this week. I’m going to go ahead and say Julia has a sweet tooth too, because this is what she has to say about peas. Yuck. 

Meanwhile, you can always count on Mitchell to chow down on a plate of peanut butter toast. So long as he has his prized utensil, the trusty fork. Daddy let us all (Mommy) sleep in and fixed us a yummy breakfast!

Okay, food talk over. Mitchell ranks sports just behind eating on the hobby pyramid. He thinks Daddy’s football helmet is the coolest. Little does he know he won’t be playing any football in that thing. And if Daddy has anything to do with it, he’ll be stopping pucks with a Mitchell-sized one of those in a few short years. 

Back to food. We’ve been fixing some delicious dinners this week.

Mitchell says, “Enough with the pictures, Mom!”

Grandma gets to visit us often and Mitchell loves it!

Grandma even brought her good friend Diane!

This one is sleeping through the night on a pretty regular basis, and for that, Mommy and Daddy are extremely thankful. 

Send him out to the backyard to play and this is how he returns. This face + lunch + bath time = glorious nap time. I love seeing him run around the backyard with his dogs and his sticks and his balls, climbing in his clubhouse and quacking at the ducks in the pond 🙂 That can really make your heart happy. 

Jumping on Mommy and Daddy’s bed is fun. 

Especially when Daddy is there to play too.

We love the neighborhood pool. A quick walk with the stroller and it’s the perfect summertime activity to wear this two-year-old out. 

That laugh! Makes my heart sing with joy. 

The videos of his little feet kicking underwater have got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever watched.

All my water babies. Even though they’re more interested in the water than pictures. 

Nothing hits the spot like a post-pool popsicles.
And I’ll leave you with this one. Our backyard gets some pretty spectacular North Carolina sunsets. I love being right here with my little family every night. Our perfect little home, for now. 

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