(More) Family Pictures

A blog post full of family pictures. Because (1) I never do that on this blog (ha!) and (2) we’ve been loving on our guy a lot lately. A little more on the reason for that tomorrow, but for today, here are a few of my favorites. I don’t recommend the following: 

Taking pictures in mid-day 100 degree Kansas heat.
During nap time. 
In a location you have to walk a mile to. Especially when it’s all uphill on the way back. 

BUT, it’s the only time we could find with one of our resident family photographers (read: mom) to take a few, so we did our best. The kids were troopers and I was a content Momma with new pictures of my wonderful little family to plaster in our frames and admire for the next amount of time it takes to convince everyone we just need to go out and take new family pictures. And good golly, do I love these people. 

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