The Send-Off

The husband is officially where he is going, and it’s sinking in. Our time apart is upon us. Deployment. The big fat reminder that we’re a military family and this lifestyle isn’t always the easiest. We said our farewell to Steve as he got on those dreaded white buses that take him away. Mitchell and Julia obviously don’t know exactly what is happening, though I’m sure they can sense something is changing. Zoe and Loki definitely can. Can I get one day where Loki doesn’t chew up something new in the house? This is the dog that we were leaving out for eight hours at a time with no problems a few weeks ago. Now? Poor guy must be stressed to the max along with me because he understands that something big is happening.We’re posting this knowing our Marine has safely arrived at his destination and deployment is underway. As Steve settles into his new home doing Marine Corps stuff, we’re settling into our new routine here at home. Honestly, I’m glad it’s here. Yes, there are the stressed out and overwhelmed feelings, but then there are relieved feelings too. Pre-deployment is full of anxiety! At least now we can move on from the “getting ready” into the “getting it over.” We had two amazing summer months in June and July, and the anticipation can be more stressful than anything. I’ve had countless people ask me recently, “How are you going to manage?” Oh, you mean keep two little humans and two dogs cared for and hold down a full time job? I answer honestly, “I have no idea.” We’re grateful to have a huge support system. At the top of the list are our babysitters. Namely, my mom who is still here for a few weeks to start of the deployment, my mother-in-law already volunteering to come stay for two separate weeks, and our amazing sitter Amelia, who I just love to pieces. It’s not an easy thing to leave your kids unless you truly trust the person. Regardless of any preparation we’ve done in the last few months, I still feel like I’m winging it. One day at a time Kourtney, one day at a time. 

This was our third send-off. At our last send-off, I was wrapping up my second trimester and we were getting ready to welcome Mitchell to our little life. Oh, how things change in the blink of an eye. This time, Steve had three of us to kiss goodbye. Two more to kiss, and two more to miss. 

Like any deployment, first thing was first. Load up the bags on those big old trucks.  

Mitchell thought those trucks were pretty great. 

He also thinks his Daddy is pretty great and I can’t believe how much that little boy has grown. 

And as the saying goes, then we hurry up and wait. 

And wait.

Goodness I’m married to one good lookin’ man. A bonus when I’m trying to adjust my camera settings and get a picture like this. Happy wifey. Giddy wifey. Sorry ladies, he’s taken 😉

This family of mine really is the most special thing. 

When Daddy comes home, she’ll be running to him. I promise you now that I will have so many happy tears when I witness that beautiful sight. 

Hanging with the big boys!

And before we knew it, the time came. Everyone started grabbing their packs and saying their see you later’s. 

Last Daddy kisses for Julia.

Last Daddy kisses for Mitchell. 

Snagged a few kisses for me too.

And one last family hug. 

We watched him load up on that dreaded white bus. 

And we waved goodbye. 

I’d be a liar if I told you I was the one teaching him. He teaches me a little bit about patience and loving and giving grace and being the person God wants me to be everyday. And I’m counting on every single one of these red-headed hugs to get me through this deployment. 

It’s late and I’m already short on sleep. You better believe I’m crawling in Mitchell’s bed to sleep tonight. Because the only thing better than sleeping with the dogs when the hubby is gone is sleeping with the dogs and this little guy. 

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