Hey There, Deployment

Longest. Day. Ever. Nothing like a car wreck and a trip to the hospital to remind you your husband is deployed and you’re really on your own. Flashback to Wednesday [was that ONLY two days ago?!], I was on my merry way home from an overnight shift at 7:00 am. Off on time, my mom had the kids up and going, and I went to bed. I enjoyed two glorious hours of sleep [that’s enough, right?] before my alarm clock woke me. Time for Mitchell’s speech therapy at 10:00. Shower. Ready for the day. Diaper bag packed. Kids loaded in the car. Speech, check. Then errands. Formula stocked at Babies R Us [cheapest Gerber Goodstart I can find!], dry cleaning picked up. Mom dropped off and back to the beach. And a quick trip to the airport to pick up our friend Katie. ALMOST HOME to drop her off and headed home for nap time… psych! Stopped at a red light. Driver behind us missed the memo and, bam, right into the back of us. It jolted us pretty darn good. The public servants of Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune came in full force to take care of us [huge thank you Jacksonville Police, Fire, Onslow County EMS, and Camp Lejeune Police!]. The kids were just fine, and Mitchell was just thrilled to see the cool fire truck. Our sturdy Explorer shockingly sustained almost no visible damage – the hitch took 100% of the impact like a champ. But, seriously? Now of all times is when I could press the hubby’s speed dial button. 

After the whole excitement at the crash scene died down, Katie and I both had headaches and Mitchell kept reaching for his poor little head. On the bright side, we added the word head to his growing vocabulary! But we played it safe and headed over to the Naval Hospital Emergency Department for a little noggin check for both babes. 

Three hours, no lunch, a skipped nap time, a diaper blowout, and no backup clothes later… both kids were discharged and Julia was dressed in one of Mitchell’s t-shirts I scrounged up from the bottom of the diaper bag. 

I spent my afternoon thanking God for watching over these little angels that afternoon. I don’t know what I would do without them. We grabbed our discharge paperwork from the front desk, and gracefully accepted two complements on my adorable little boys. Sorry, Julia. I took a deep breath, loaded up my little people in our trusty Explorer, and headed to Babies R Us for Round 2 to replace the carseats. Side note: apparently it’s not required to replace car seats in a minor crash. So they were not covered by insurance, sadly. But better safe than sorry, I say, though I cringed a little as I set the seemingly perfectly good old ones out on the curb for trash day. The sweet lady at the front counter immediately recognized us  from earlier that morning and noticed Mitchell’s hospital bracelet, asking what happened. We went through the day’s saga once again. Thanks to my amazing mother-in-law, who was the biggest of help, even from New Hampshire, we had Mitchell’s exact carseat and Julia’s upgraded carseat paid and waiting for us on the counter. I was beyond grateful and relieved. Big girl was looking a little cramped in her old carseat carrier, so she’s now in a big girl Graco 4Ever! Though I sure loved that old one and had every intention of using it again, darn it. 

After loading the new carseats up, we headed home to let the patient dogs out of the kennel after nine hours. Poor guys. We weren’t supposed to be gone more than four, but then again, we weren’t supposed to get in a car crash either. We took them for a little walk to the park before lunch/dinner. 

They missed us. 

We  wrapped up the night with some Mickey Mouse and carseat installation. They were thrilled, as I’m sure you can tell by the picture. It was two hours past their bedtime by the time we called it a night. Julia slept in that shirt too, by the way. 

After a full night’s sleep and a little pressing of the reset button, we all felt much better. Until Julia came down with a cold and the rain caused a colony of ants to come marching in the tiny little crack of our backdoor two days later. I’ve never seen an ant in our house, and now? Hundreds. And tonight marks the start of an eight-day-in-a-row work week. I promise I’m not one to complain, but is deployment over yet? Keeping this house running right now sure isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it. These little beauties deserve the world, and I am going to do everything in my power to give it to them. 

On a more positive note, we’ve been spending lots of time visiting friends and at the pool! To be coming soon. Happy Friday to those of you not getting ready to go to work 😉

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