Life Lately 8.16.15.

Another week of deployment down. Another week closer to homecoming. Another week survived. Aim high, right? So far we’ve managed to get in a car wreck [not our fault!], smash my phone, water damage a [not cheap] memory card to my camera, and have diaper blowouts [Julia!] on the way to church TWO weeks in a row with no back up outfit. You’d think I’d learn to stock the diaper bag a little better. And who doesn’t want a shattered cell phone screen for the next six months until your upgrade? We’re on quite a roll. But! These kids cheer right up when they see the camera come out for the obligatory Sunday family picture. [See below]. Can’t even fool him with the standard running late Eggo waffle breakfast. Peanut butter excluded because no one likes washing car seats two days in a row. 

You can find us making our usual rounds at the neighborhood pool. The best summer activity ever. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it is practically empty every time we go. I am certainly not complaining, but for a FREE amenity in a neighborhood overflowing with kids?! I’ll take it. We love going so much that they’ve stopped checking our ID at the gate. That makes us regular’s, right?

Julia hangs out in the stroller while Mitchell swims while I chase him around with a camera until he suckers me into swimming too. The definition of a good day in my book. 

We’re still practicing the pedaling concept. But we look good while doing it in our awesome birthday spaceship helmet! Which he is also convinced is a batting helmet every time we whip up a game of baseball in the dining room. 

Nothing beats a good garage sale. We’re stocking up on those toddler sizes now when they’re gently used and a dollar apiece. Julia made out like a bandit with a couple “fill a bag for $5” deals and her closet desperately needs to be reorganized. And I’m already planning her big girl room. Too soon?

More trips to the pool, obviously. Do they make polka dotted, hooded swimsuits in my size? Kidding. Kind of. 

Steve deployed knowing he was probably going to lose his prime living room seat. But! He didn’t think it would be to this toddler who found the recline button, crawls up with a blankie, and knocks back a bottle of 2% to the tune of Curious George.

Teeth brushing is prime entertainment in the Martin household. 

These eyes ❤ Why yes, Mitchell, you can have anything you want because Mommy cannot say no to this sweet face. 

On a serious note, Mitchell and I are missing Steve A LOT. Some days are better than others, but it’s definitely an adjustment not having him around. Mitchell asks where he is often, and all I can tell him is that Daddy loves him and he’s not here right now. 
And in the midst of all our busy days, I cherish the mornings we get to stay in our pajamas until noon and read stories and watch cartoons. 

More pool time. And if you’re wondering if I really have to take pictures every single time, the answer is yes. 

Our Navy friends from our Air Force Base came to Marine Corps land to come visit us, again! We were so thrilled to have them here. These littles are definitely living the military brat life, that’s for sure. Don’t let Mitchell’s face fool you, he was just jealous he didn’t get to wear the Elmo jammies. And I somehow failed to even get a mom selfie, but we love you Whitney! Selfie or not. 

Nothing like a good nap on a pillow covered in dog hair. 

And when we don’t make it to the pool, backyard swimming does the trick. Mitchell isn’t quite sold on the concept of the waterslide just yet, but he thinks it’s the greatest thing to stand at the bottom and clap for any willing water slider that comes to visit. 

And we wrapped up yet another week with these crazy kids with [another] Sunday picture and [another] Eggo waffle. 

Annnnd the smoke detector just started beeping, waking my peaceful little sleeping Julia into a not-so-peaceful state. Don’t mind me while I go raid the household electronics, because – you guessed it – we’re out of nine volt batteries. You can’t make this stuff up. 

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