Seven Months of Julia

Standing. You heard me right. Assisted, yes. But if you prop her up, she stands! She’s about a month ahead of Mitchell on the developmental track, and it amazes me everyday. Such a big girl! 

Now that we have that huge milestone out of the way, little Julia turned seven months weeks ago, and here I am finally getting around to a little update. This little girl is finding her p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l.i.t.y. and it is so fun to watch. Her smile can fill up a room with happiness, and she is so generous with her smiles. Pull out that goofy baby voice and you’re sure to get one. Her hair is filling in, and a few little curls are popping out around her ears. Since she got the red from her Daddy, I’m taking credit for every little ringlet on that adorable head of hers. And the chubby cheeks. Those are totally mine.

We are YET to make it to a  six month doctor appointment. Blame it on the busy, busy schedule, I guess. Or my constantly changing work schedule. Or the impossible Naval pediatric availability. Either way, she hasn’t been. She did, however, get a unexpected checkup the other day and she weighed in at 22 pounds at 6 months? Chunky? Maybe to some. But she’s a perfect, chubby, happy baby, and for that, I am beyond grateful. Sleeping through the night about 9/10 times, and puts herself right to sleep at 8:00 pm on the dot. Much to my my-husband-is-deployed delight. I was a spoiled, spoiled wife, having a husband that woke up with her about half of the time during the new baby stage. So now that I’m the only one home with her, I am so grateful she is sleeping through so regularly. Definitely not taking this little perk for granted. She graduated to the Sunday School nursery this month. She’s gotten to the stage where she’d rather crawl than sit in Mommy’s lap [cue sad face], combined with the excitement of finding her voice… big girl is no more for the sanctuary and happy to crawl around with the other babies in the nursery. We’re still on the 10 ounce Gerber Good Start track, and she is still spitting up. I remember Mitchell growing out of the spit-up phase a little earlier than Julia. So hopefully we have that to look forward to on the horizon. Goodness, coming home from work and seeing those beautiful little cheeks and that gorgeous red hair and her perfect little smile. God chose me to be her mother. Pinch me. No pressure, Kourtney. I know we are so blessed. So there’s the quick update for her seven months. Maybe I’ll be on time for her eight month post. Maybe. 

And last, but not least, PROOF of our newest tricks! That’s all until next month. Julia sends her slobbery kisses ❤

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