This Little Light

I’ve been reflecting over this little devotional the past few days.

I would only have good things stored up in my heart so that when I speak, the overflow of my heart will be good for my children to hear. [Luke 6:45]

Straight from this blog. I can’t help but think about how it’s such a privilege to be a wife to my husband, to take care of our home, and raise our children while he’s away defending our freedoms. It’s such a pleasure to raise these two beautiful little people together, even when we’re apart. I’m awestruck when I think back to our awkward little high school selves and think about the life we’ve created together and all the promises of our future. Our fifth wedding anniversary is in one week. We have a son and daughter who are growing into beautiful, loving people. Mitchell insisted on feeding Julia tonight, and made sure to wipe her mouth after every bite. He runs to her room before bedtime to make sure she has her blankets before he goes to sleep. He closes his eyes and says amen to our prayers. On the days I’m wondering if we are doing enough, little moments like these remind me we’re doing just fine. We are so blessed. When I step back and look at this life we’re living, it takes my breath away sometimes. Why I was picked to love this perfect little family, I’ll probably never understand. But I’m praying I’m daily to set an example to my family worthy of following. Because my husband is my constant rock and these little people are surely the light of my life. 

She may not be my little baby doll forever, but I pray those sweet eyes and radiant smile stay just the way they are. 

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