When Things Work Out

You know those days where it seems like everything just falls into place and you actually have a second to breathe? We had one the other day! I felt like we took two steps forward instead of 48 steps backward, and that one day had us feeling more refreshed than ever. After scheduling Julia’s six month appointment at nine months, I had been calling on the regular to try to get a same-day appointment. Gosh, those appointments are hard to schedule, and even harder when you have to reschedule once… or twice… Out of my control so I wasn’t sweating it. Anyway, same day appointment… with our pediatrician?! The stars aligned! 

So we rolled out of bed with a semi-generous to-do list of two tasks. 1. Fix the good old mom-mobile after after our little visit with Murphy’s Law. [Read: Something, or fifty, things will go wrong after your husband deploys.] And 2. Six month appointment oh-so-early at seven months old, already described in excessive detail.

We dropped off the Exploder off for its fixer-up and picked up this little whip. Slight miscommunication. What they told me would be an SUV was actually a Ford Fusion. Which was totally okay with me since I’ve had a car crush on the Fusion for awhile [ask my husband!], except its trunk isn’t quite so accommodating to the double stroller we were toting along for the day. But two removed canopies and a detached snack tray later, we made it work and I felt pretty cool driving around in it all afternoon.

We weren’t going to let our cool car and free tank of gas go to waste, so we made the most of the two hours before our coveted same-day appointment! We swung through the Wendy’s drive-thru for some Frosties with a side of dollar menu burgers, and then drove our red-stickerless rental around base and checked out some new parks in the *gasp* blue sticker land. Living on the edge, us three. 

Mitchell quite enjoyed our picnic, while Julia quite enjoyed a nice cool car nap [literally 15 feet from us with the window rolled down so we could hear her, no worries people]. 

We eventually bid farewell to our wild adventure and made it over to the doctor for the check-up. 

Dr. Barros gave Julia a two-thumbs-up-a-okay-perfect-report-card! And agreed with my speculation that Julia is going to be an early walker. Mitchell was a 13-month walker, so seeing her already standing on everything is crazy to me. Tangent – we fell in love with Dr. Barros pre-Julia, back here, and I am so happy we have such a great pediatrician! I hope to keep him for many, many years! Here’s a post-shot shot from the happy girl herself! No tears!

And I’ll leave you with that smiley face for a few days. Pardon the upcoming blog silence while we’re soaking up some time visiting friends and taking a day trip to Washington DC! Happy Friday!

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