Weekend in Washington DC

The kids and I enjoyed a quick weekend trip to Washington D.C. with some of our dearest friends, the Shank’s! We loaded up the Exploder with both kids and both dogs and headed up there on my long weekend off work. Beats sitting around the house missing the husband, if you ask me. 

Before we got to the D.C. part of our trip, we made a quick stop in Fort Lee, VA to visit a friend from seven – or was it eight?! – years ago! Long ago in Kansas we were hostesses at a restaurant together and made quick friends that summer. Fast forward a few years, we were married within months of each other, both to guys in the military, who happen to have the same exact job now, and we both have toddlers keeping us endlessly busy with the mom gig! Funny how things work out. Their sweet little family was stationed in Alaska and I’ve been admiring their adventures from afar [aka Facebook], but they moved our way and I was so excited to stop so we could meet each other’s not-so-little babies! 

Jenny packed the nicest picnic and found the perfect park for us to visit! The kids got a kick out of feeding the ducks. 

Then we walked over to the ‘farm’ part of the park and saw some more animals! Leave it to a friend from Kansas to pick the park with horses and sheep. The dogs went for a little walk too, and so lives on my motto lately – full hands, full heart. 

We were sad to say goodbye to them, but hopefully we can arrange another playdate during another trip we have up I95 in October! I sound like a broken record, but I so wish we could pick all of our favorite military friends and put them all on the same base, preferably all in the same base housing neighborhood within strolling distance 😉 

We bid our farewells and headed the rest of the way north. One viewing of Cars and two Daniel Tiger’s later, we pulled into the Shank’s rather steep driveway [they live on a mountain!]. Mitchell was so excited to see his best girl, Maybree! 

And Zoe and Loki were excited for the room to run with their best doggie pals, Sophie and Dakota!

They treated us to dinner and we got a good night’s sleep so we could load up three adults, three kids, and two strollers in their car the next morning for our D.C. adventure. Is it just me, or does it take FOREVER to get ready with kids. Especially when you’re outnumbered. But we made it! And I’m glad we did. 


After awhile, the kids were hot and tired, so we treated them [and us] to ice cream sandwiches. 

As the time on our parking meter dwindled [which you can now monitor with an app on your phone, when did that happen?!], we strollered our tired kiddos back to the car. It took about 30 seconds for them to fall asleep. 

But! It was only a quick catnap. We had one more stop – Arlington National Cemetery. 

We made it back to the house and made sure to veg out on some Domino’s pizza and a Netflix movie like the good old days and you bet I was wishing we could still walk across base housing to visit each other. 

Sweatpants and tees for the road! We made it home with only two dirty diapers [Julia] and one stop to use our travel potty [Mitchell]. Potty training success, I might add! 

Our weekend went by in a flash, and we’ve officially survived our first month of deployment! I say thrived, actually – we ran a 5K, dealt with a car wreck, hosted my mom, two different military friends, my mother-in-law, and took a road trip! Lots and lots of fun, we’ve had. And lots of fun on the horizon in September too! 

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