Eight Months of Julia

We’ll cut straight to the big news. We’re officially 2/3 of the way to a YEAR, and we’re on the verge of walking. How is this possible? How has it already been eight months since I was walking in this same exact place waddling around the neighborhood trying to induce labor. And now that little squishy newborn is my big squishy almost-walker. 

I love her SO much. I love holding her and how content she is to sit on my hip. I could walk around with her on my side all day long and she would be happier than my left arm is tired. She’s a true second child, content to be toted along in hand-me-down clothes, flashing smiles to anyone who gives her a little attention. 

We started bear crawling last month. That little booty up in the air cracks me up. 

Still laughing. 

We have the same four teeth that showed up around five months, and only those four teeth. Her bottom two are in, along with the top fangs, making her look like a little vampire baby. She’s all about some baby food. Her favorite meal is pears, but she’ll settle for anything edible. Or not edible. She is ready and willing to eat everything, to include every single board book on the shelf. 

She’s just so fun. I can’t even describe it. The newborn phase is sweet, and then this seems fun, and then the toddler phase is a blast. It’s hard to believe it gets any better than this, but everyday it does. 

Not that there is much I could do if I didn’t, but I just love her name. I think she looks just like a Julia. Our little Julia. She’s so perfect and I love her down to those beautiful baby blues, perfect red hair, and thigh roll rolls. Yes, those exist. 

I can no longer put her down thinking she will stay out of trouble. Dog ears pulled. Night stands emptied. Havoc wreaked. She’s a busy little bee these days and I can’t believe we’re already to this stage. 

We’re wearing anything from 9-18 months these days and building up our bow collection lately. I am going to be a heartbroken momma when she stops wearing those because I LOVE a little lady in a giant bow. 

The basic rundown… Sleeping through the night about 13 hours. Napping about 4 hours during the day. Lighter sleeper than her brother, so no sneaking in her room to put away laundry during nap time, darn it. Loves the pacifier. Size 4 Pampers Swaddlers are the favorites. Formula baby, and 100% holding her own bottle now. She recognizes the bottle too, as one may discover by the ear piercing choir practice that commences when she sees me walk to the bottle rack to fill up a cold one. Standing, but still waiting on those first steps. Completely infatuated with big brother and thrilled to see him in the morning and follow him around all day long. Zero stranger danger and in love with anyone who holds her. She’s my little buddy and if we just had to pick a new middle name for her, I think it would be Julia ‘Along-For-The-Ride’ Martin. Pretty much sums her up. 

And last but not least, the big brother himself. Staring at the made-up bug I convinced him was on sissy’s hand to stage this beautiful picture. 

We have a weekend of RELAXATION at the beach on the calendar and Wednesday and Thursday can’t pass quickly enough. C’mon Friday! 

2 thoughts on “Eight Months of Julia

  1. EIGHT?! Not possible.
    I'm totally with you – I LOVE her name, too. Obviously. 😉 I also adore those rolls.
    And, I'm totally envious of the 13 hours of sleep and 4 hour naps. I'm hoping that happens in our house one of these days.
    Happy 8 Months, Julia!!


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