First Day of School

And just like that, he’s off. No tears [from either of us]. Just Daddy’s cover, a North Face rain jacket, the coolest dinosaur backpack, and his trusty football.

No hurricane was going to stop us from taking that obligatory first day of school chalkboard picture!

I sent these pictures to my friend and her response was, “Didn’t you just give birth to him?!” My sentiments, exactly. 

Let’s not forget it was this girl’s first day of school too 🙂 She’s rocking Mitchell’s little red Nike’s and a big pink bow – the definition of dressed for success. 

Fun fact: Mitchell so kindly posed for an “out the door” picture, which is actually our under the stair storage closet. Ha! But it looks cute 🙂 And then on the way out the actual front door, he made sure we didn’t forget Daddy’s hat 😉  

I credit all of our amazing babysitters and Sunday School teachers for having ZERO transition issues. Not one tear; they didn’t even notice I was gone! Mitchell was off playing with trains and Julia crawled to the toy-filled bookshelf before I even had a chance to say goodbye! And the icing on the cake? Their first day of school happened to be my day off work this week. I promise it was not planned that way! So I sit here and type this in the cleanest and quietest house I think we’ve ever had, listening to the rain beat down on the windows. I’m waiting for my friend Katie to arrive so we can go to the gym, get pedicures, and grab lunch! If only life was always this relaxing, ha! Tomorrow we hit the ground running because it’s early drop off and long work days for the rest of the week. So many exciting things happening in so many areas of our life right now! I am truly grateful we were given the opportunity to move back to this wonderful place, and it’s becoming more of a home [again!] everyday. All that’s missing is Daddy 🙂

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