Hello October

This past weekend we spent our third and final week of grandparent visits with Grandma Brim! We decided to celebrate the fact that it’s down to 85 degrees and it feels like fall! We were completely predictable and visited Mike’s Farm [twice]. You just can’t beat this place. The hurricane was scheduled to hit us at the end of the weekend, but Saturday was warm weather and sunshine. 

We loaded up on the hayride, which happened to have nearly all red-headed children. The more pumpkin-colored hair the better!

We made it to the patch, camera in hand. Mitchell seemed to prefer gourds to pumpkins, but eventually we settled on a nice little round one he could have managed to carry if he wasn’t too distracted playing in the mud. 

Julia hung out in her usual spot, my hip. 

The obligatory “My First Fall” pictures. She was very serious about her pumpkin picking and unusually stingy with the smiles. 

We made sure to get a picture with a nice big pumpkin, even though the actual pumpkin we came home with was Mitchell-sized. 

Sidenote – Mitchell wears Daddy’s hat everywhere. I thought he’d get attached to the Daddy Doll while Steve was away, and he does sleep with it. But one day when we were walking out of the house, Mitchell saw Steve’s cover hanging on the hooks and pointed at it and said, “Daddy!” “Hat!” I handed it to him, and ever since, he asks for it nearly every time we leave. It is a ratty, faded old thing but it’s his Daddy’s and he loves it. 

We ate some yummy fried chicken and mashed potatoes and corn and mac&cheese. It was beyond delicious and I’m ready to go back. Again. For the fourth time. I can’t stop. 

October is turning out to be a pretty big month for us Martin’s. I started a completely new assignment at my job, Mitchell and Julia are starting daycare, and after nearly a month of extremely spotty communication, our favorite guy is back in a safe place with awesome internet! This fall has already been accompanied with so many blessings and we have so many things on the horizon to look forward to! And today’s biggest excitement – I booked my favorite local photographer for homecoming! A few months early, but the good ones go fast. Now to pick out homecoming outfits and try to figure out how to squeak a few photography tips out of this talented girl. Too soon? Never! 😉

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