Olivia is One!

Our little three girls in three months club is growing! And no, not with any more babies 😉 Yet! They are getting so big – crawling, walking, getting teeth, calling us Mama! When? What? How? Stop growing! Olivia was the first of the bunch to turn ONE and yesterday we celebrated with the most adorable monster-themed birthday bash. Next up, Sadie in December, and last but not least, the biggest of them all, our not-so-little January Julia. Side note – the two girls on the far left would come to our babysitting rescue at the very last minute that night. Thankful for all these friends we’ve made here – even if they’re BOTH moving in the next few months. That Marine Corps lifestyle and I have such a love-hate relationship. 

Kisses for the birthday girl ❤

We tried recreating the picture we took almost exactly one year ago!! 

Yep, that one. Not sad to have shed that baby belly. I think I’m the most uncoordinated pregnant lady. It took awhile for it to pop out (both times), but once it did, I was running into everything with it (both times)! But what I am good at, apparently, is coordinating outfits with this gorgeous mama!

Cute. Cute. Cute. They call Olivia their little monster, and given that we’re right around Halloween time, it was the perfect little theme! And unique! I have never heard of a monster-themed birthday party for anyone I know, and definitely not a pink and purple one! I’ve got Julia’s birthday theme locked and loaded… now I just need to start planning! Fun fact about those picture frames on their wall. I had a perfectly matching red one I passed onto them we didn’t hang after the move with one of our family pictures in there. And our smiling faces hung there for a few months, but we’ve finally been replaced. I took nearly all of those pictures on their wall though, so I still feel like I’m a little part of it. Okay, I’ll stop living vicariously through their family. Moving on. 

Presents galore!

And THIS was by far my favorite part of the party decorations. May I add that my talented friend MADE THIS CAKE by HERSELF!

Seriously adorable. 

And then it was present time!


Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Classic.

We found some monster jammies at the PX, so of course she was getting them!

They wrapped up the presents and then it was the time we had all been waiting for. Or at least Mitchell and I. Cupcakes! 

Being the birthday girl is hard work!

They wrapped up the party with Livi  testing out her new birthday toys. She is a spoiled, loved little girl and the party was a total success! 

I feel I wrap up every post talking about being thankful for something. But I always am. Our friends live in our old neighborhood, the same one we made our first home together in and the same one we brought Mitchell home to. The same one we made some lifelong memories and lifelong friends. It’s such a happy little place to start a life and raise little babies. I’ll admit to driving past our old house every few months and smiling at the time we spent there. We have been so blessed since we moved to North Carolina (both times), and I love seeing how this chapter of our life unfolds! 

Sappy stories over. Moving onto next week. I’ll be working like crazy this week and the kids will be playing away with their new friends at daycare. And of course, we’ll always be missing Daddy. And next week we’re launching to the DC area again! We have a road trip with our friend Katie, a Minnie Mouse party to attend for Mitchell’s friend, Maybree, and a soon-to-be-bride to visit! Time to start packing for our next crazy adventure – Zoe and Loki included!

2 thoughts on “Olivia is One!

  1. That is the best first birthday party I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing these fun photos. My daughter is also going to turn one and I am planning such a special birthday party for her. I would like to host this party at some outdoor party venues NYC instead of holding at home.


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