Nine Months of Julia

I’m only two weeks late with this post, and we were only two weeks late making it to her well baby. Another month down, and we are so close to her first birthday I’m hitting the stages of disbelief. She is so far from the tiny little baby I brought home from the hospital. Her personality is shining through more and more everyday. I love that snuggly little baby stage, but I love this stage where we get to know her also! If I had to describe her in a few words, I’d call Julia our “giggly tag-along girl.” 🙂

I snapped these pictures while we were in Pennsylvania last week. I couldn’t resist those leaves!  Or those little hand-me-down baby Toms. Thanks Grandma Martin!

I’ll start with the stats. 31 inches, 22 pounds. We saw a stand-in doctor this time. She was great and available for a last minute visit, but I was sad to miss our awesome pediatrician. She said Julia has moved back into the “healthy weight” category. Such a nice way to say she is now our chubby little girl instead of our really chubby little girl 😉 I knew it would happen eventually, and those thigh rolls are sadly disappearing almost as fast as her teeth are showing up these days! She dropped from the 99th percentile to the 87th in weight, and she’s still up there in the 99th height percentile! She my strong, tall girl, and I hope she grows up to be the 5’10” I would have loved to be. She’s still standing up unassisted and has started to cruise along furniture. 

Her adjustment to her new daycare was smooth sailing. We’ve yet to experience any tears during drop-off, and the only noticeable change is that these early mornings make our little princess ready for a 7:00 bedtime. Her nap time is a little off with the daycare schedule, but on the days we’re home it doesn’t seem to affect those three hours of silence in the afternoon I’ve grown to enjoy oh-so-much. 

She’s wearing pretty much all 18 month clothes. She has seven teeth. But the biggest change we’ve noticed is that she decided she doesn’t love the bottle quite as much, and is demanding solids! She downed a whole tray of diced carrots and a tray of ravioli for dinner last night, and I’m sure she would have done the same tonight if she didn’t fall asleep at 6:00. Her late nap turned into an early bedtime and sleepy Mommy says that’s a-okay. Especially since the alarm is set for 4:00 am. 

There’s a quick recap of our last month. Her first birthday party is officially on the calendar, and I couldn’t resist starting a few small projects 🙂 I love this baby girl and that head of red hair so much. And her brother, and her Daddy. This family of ours is the best. 

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