Maybree’s Third Birthday!

I remember finding out this awesome family was pregnant. I remember visiting this sweet little thing in the hospital. I remember driving up to Pennsylvania two years ago to celebrate her first birthday, when she was toddling around. I remember taking this little girl to Disney World with Mitchell last year, where she and her momma kept the secret of our sweet girl on the way. Until a month later when she drove all the way to Florida to help us surprise our families with the news at Mitchell’s first birthday! So naturally, we were going to do our very best to make it to her third birthday party last weekend. And we did! Mitchell is quite the popular guy… with three birthday parties three weeks in a row. His social calendar makes mine look pretty pathetic, actually. We had so much fun visiting our friends at their home. They have a gorgeous mountainside home and we were smack in the middle of Pennsylvania fall – the perfect time to visit. We got to pull out our winter jackets [for me and Mitchell] and Julia got a Walmart fleece since we somehow managed to forget hers in the mad two hours of early morning packing before the drive. 

I wish and wish they could move back down here to Camp Lejeune, but they are loving civilian life and the gorgeous home they’ve made! 

Our visit was shot but sweet. We were really only there for the party on Saturday. 

Mitchell picked out a pretty pink Minnie Mouse bike for Maybree, and put it together with Uncle Matt that morning. 

He was so excited to give it to her!

Maybree was pretty excited too 🙂 

Mitchell loves his Aunt Lindsay!

Julia found herself a baby friend… only a few weeks younger! We’ve been admiring her pictures on Facebook for months, and I was so excited to finally meet Baby Ellie! This girl was born with enough hair for a ponytail! Cute face Julia 😀

This was the second leg of our three-day weekend. Read about our first stop in Fort Lee, Virginia back here. And coming shortly is our day in D.C. with Rachel! 

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