Day in D.C.

We wrapped up our whirlwind weekend [which was now actually more than a week ago], by visiting one of my longest and best friends – Rachel! This girl and I go WAY back, and I’m sure there will be a post reminiscing on our dorky braces and boy crushing days down the road, as the days leading up to her wedding are disappearing fast! Of course, while we were visiting her in D.C., we had to go take a peak at the wedding venue! Y’all, I’ll be standing next to her in this VERY spot in eight months watching her say her I Do’s! 

I had to snap a few pictures, but I can’t wait to see what the real professional captures! The architecture here is nothing short of amazing and I kept telling her I was so excited to be in the wedding party because I can’t wait to be in all of the pictures. Ha! And the BEST PART is I’ll have my good lookin’ hubby home in his dress blues to be my date. He’s going to be toting my camera around for me during this wedding, because there is no way I’m going to be able to resist snapping a few pictures of my own that weekend! 

After I was done drooling over her picture perfect location, we walked over to the National Mall where we took the obligatory tourist shots. 

The kids with Auntie Rachel in her new city! 

We thoroughly enjoyed the fall weather and I got a good kick out of staging this picture, because I am pretty confident in betting this is exactly what she is going to look like in five years. The only thing that could make this picture more trendy is a Tula and a City Select stroller. 

It was super chilly, but we bundled up and I’d even say it was refreshing to escape the North Carolina heat/humidity combo we have grown to love. Rachel treated us to some delicious burgers in Georgetown, and I sadly had to opt out of the Georgetown cupcake line wrapped around the block. I will be back though! Hopefully next time I’ll have Steve to go with me 🙂 

After we finished up in the city, we made the quick drive across the bridge to visit Arlington National Cemetery. We try to stop here when we’re passing through and make sure Staff Sgt. Malachowski always has something on his grave. This time Mitchell brought him a little pumpkin. 

A HUGE shoutout to Rachel’s fiance for dog-sitting while we wandered all over the city. 

That wrapped up our weekend in D.C. I completely underestimated Sunday night rush hour [apparently that’s prime traffic time, who knew]? We got back super late, and that 4 am alarm clock was the last thing I wanted to hear. But a week later, I’m officially caught up on sleep and SO glad we made the trip. We had so much fun, and we got to reconnect THREE longtime friends from three different parts of my life! Now onto Monday morning.  My camera memory card is bogged down with pictures and pictures from this month, and I haven’t even done a Halloween photoshoot. I’m a little behind over here, but I’m thinking I’ll catch up soon. My mother-in-law arrived this afternoon, which means there are four adult hands in this house instead of two! I’m more than a little excited about Julia’s Halloween costume, set to arrive in the mail tomorrow… but more on that later 🙂 

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