Trick-Or-Treat 2015

I’ll admit I went completely overboard with pictures. It was Julia’s first Halloween, Steve is deployed, it was a beautiful night, and Mitchell’s costume turned out unexpectedly adorable, and I can’t really think of any other excuses. Grandma Martin was in town for Halloween, and she came prepared with Halloween outfits, decorations, and special treats! She found this adorable little outfit for Julia to wear on costume day at school!

Halloween was a Saturday, which left lots of time to spend with these Trick-or-Treaters. We lounged around the house, caught up on this week’s chores, and got ready in plenty of time for some [surprise!] pictures. Photog mom. Never without a camera. 

One of my favorite parts of Halloween was Julia’s pumpkin costume. Sewn by my grandmother [Julia’s great grandmother!] for my very first Halloween. The little hat somehow got lost in the mix, but here I am in all my pumpkin cuteness. 

Like Mommy, like Julia ❤

Of course with Grandma in town we grabbed a few pictures. Grandma Brim got to experience Mitchell’s first Halloween, and this year Grandma Martin was here for Julia’s!

We wrapped up our obligatory pictures, grabbed our pumpkins, and hit the neighborhood. I was pleasantly surprised with how adorable Mitchell’s costume turned out! Truth be told, Halloween was one of the last things on my mind this month. My mom did more work than anyone digging out Julia’s pumpkin costume and putting it in the mail. Mitchell’s costume was sent to him by a great uncle many months ago. It was huge at the time, and when I saw it, I knew immediately it would be a perfect Halloween size. So it hung in the back of his closet until the day before Halloween when I pulled it out with my fingers crossed that it would fit. And in the 30 minutes before we left for Trick-or-Treating, I found his little hat in his sock drawer and whipped up a race flag with the help of Google Images. My Top Gear loving husband thought his costume was pretty awesome, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to top it next year – even if I do put a little more preparation into costumes!

The wagon definitely came in handy. It took some convincing, and some crinkly candy wrappers, to convince Julia not to jump ship. But Mitchell rode the majority of the way and hopped out for a few of the most festive houses. If we’re being honest, our Trick-or-Treating was mostly just an evening walk, but it was so much fun to see all the kids outside in their adorable little costumes! I love living in a neighborhood filled with families and young kids. Here’s Mitchell during his mid-Trick-or-Treating snack break. 

Need a napkin Nascar?

Julia had eyes only for Mitchell’s lollipop. 

But she settled for an Oreo’s wrapper.

Eventually the sun we down and left us with this gorgeous sky. 

Which meant we needed even more pictures. I couldn’t get over how adorable [and free] that last minute flag was!

Once it was dark, we made it home and Mitchell hung out with me on the porch and passed out candy. Every time a Trick-or-Treater approached our stoop, Mitchell would tap my shoulder and say, “Mama! Treat!” His speech is getting better and better, and sometimes he surprises with little phrases now that make my heart so proud of our little boy. 

Eventually we called it a night, and our tired race car driver crashed hard. No sugar high here, this little guy only squeaked a pack of M&M’s, a lollipop, and some mini Oreo’s out of me. 

And last, but not least, a few outtakes from our failed before-Halloween-costume photoshoot. It rained, the sun went down in about 30 seconds, I forgot the right lens, and Mitchell refused to wear his costume. But I managed to get a few pictures of Princess Pumpkin in her little bare feet ❤

Our little pumpkin and race car driver hope you had a fun and safe Halloween! We’ve checked July, August, September, and October off of the deployment countdown. I am thrilled we’ve made it to November. One month closer to homecoming!

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