Life [Not-So-Lately] Lately 11.4.15

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a good old photo dump. So sit tight, because we’ve got some catching up to do. 

These two babes have been my rock this deployment. They keep me endlessly busy, but my heart constantly overflowing with love. 

The husband surprised me with these gorgeous flowers for our fifth wedding anniversary a few months back. Somehow he still manages to make my love grow for him everyday, even from the other side of the world. 

Another dining table shot, but this time with my little breakfast buddy. 

Mitchell made a new little friend, and they had a blast patrolling the neighborhood in their cool police car! Officer Mitchell and Officer Colby responding, dispatch 😉

An oldie but goodie. Giant bows and alumni apparel. We love being a Holderness family!

We watch a lot of “choo-choo’s.” I step on a lot of choo-choo tracks too. And fetch a lot of choo-choo’s from under the couches. Trains, trains, and more trains. 

Another Sunday family picture, and another week closer to Daddy’s homecoming. 

I have a daughter and I am a girl mom ❤ I love this little girl!

Everyone’s favorite visitor, Katie! Especially Zoe and Loki’s 😉

We cook in large quantities and eat the same meal for a week. No one is here to complain about endless leftovers. A deployment plus. 

This picture is only a month old, and I can already tell she’s lost a lot of that chub and added so much hair! They change so quickly at this age, it’s unbelievable. 

Mitchell thinks feeding Julia is pretty fun. And Julia doesn’t care who feeds her, or what’s on that spoon. If it’s bite-sized, she’s eating it. 

More sunflowers sent by my wonderful mother-in-law! My favorites! 

Another Sunday family picture. Which is a bit of a throwback, because the grass definitely isn’t that green and Julia definitely isn’t sporting sundresses these rainy fall days. 

I taught Mitchell how to bake cookies, Mommy style. Including how to eat half a bag of chocolate chips in the process. 

Bathtime is just as much for fun as it is for scrubbing the layers of dirt from playing outside at school all afternoon. 

Pajamas and trains and evening cartoons with Mommy 🙂 

We fix yummy breakfasts and go to school late on Mommy’s day off work. 

Grandma Brim came for a visit and we went to the pumpkin patch
Another Sunday family picture. Minus Mitchell. Not sure where he was hiding. Or more likely, pouting. 

After Sunday church, we like to stop at Krispy Kreme for some hot and ready doughnuts. Mitchell can put away three, run around at the park, and nap all afternoon. 

Laundry basket fun! I thought this would keep her contained for a minute. Seconds later, I realized I was so wrong. 
Another week, another picture. 

This is one of Mitchell’s favorite activities, currently. But more on that later. 

Pink stripes and hair bows 🙂 

Fall cards started arriving in the mail. Our favorites were this gorgeous handmade card from our military friend, Kelly, and the bear card from Grandma! Mitchell loves roaring at the bear all day 
And last, but not least, one more Sunday family picture. 
On the list of things to look forward to this week… The arrival of Jessa Duggar’s first baby. Love me some Duggar’s. Friday night football with my football loving giant of a two year old. He’s seriously towering over his friends these days. My DAY OFF on Friday and a trip to the gym. Helping host a friend’s baby shower on Saturday. And Monday night bible study with some neighborhood girls, which is more fun every week we get to know each other better! I am starting to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas now, and I can’t wait to experience the most family-filled, magical time of year with our little family, and crossing off the days one-by-one until Daddy makes us whole again. 

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