Mitchell, Buddy

My, how Mitchell has grown. He’s only 2 1/3 and he’s already so different in just the last few months! He’s a big boy with real opinions and he’s constantly making me laugh. He refuses to sleep with socks on. Our favorite BBQ restaurant in town is very pro-military and plasters their wall with pictures of service members. He thinks all of the Marines are his Daddy. 

He still loves that pacifier, or “has-ee,” and it’s probably partly my fault because I haven’t made much of an effort to take it away. He finally can sleep in my bed and is content to fall asleep next to me. I can sure cuddle him up during deployments, but I’ve resisted the temptation aside from a slip-up about every two weeks. 

Like Mommy, like Mitchell, he picks up the phone and says “cheese!” like he’s taking a picture. Or he’ll hand it to me and ask to call his Daddy, who he misses so much. I daydream what it will be like the day he runs for his next Daddy hug. 

He closes his eyes with the tiniest little squint during prayer time, peeking out at Mommy. I’m trying to be the very best Mommy I can because he’s always watching me. He wears his little Nike sneakers nearly everyday, and they’ll be completely worn out by the time he outgrows them. 

When we get home from school, we eat dinner together. Boy loves his greek yogurt, and runs to the refrigerator and pulls it out for Mommy to open. He loves feeding Julia, and says, “Sissy, here!” when she gets caught up in feeding herself without Mitchell’s help. 

Our current obsession is trains. Guests can almost always count on a full train track set up in our playroom, which doubles as our entryway. It makes my heart so happy at the end of the day when I’m picking up and I see his toys scattered around. Sometimes I can’t bring myself to put them away – like the classic army men on the window sill. 

After school, he walks himself to the car and waits on the sidewalk while I put Julia in her carseat. After she’s buckled up, I get the best Mitchell hug of the day. When he calls me Mommy and runs up to me at the end of the day, it makes everything worth it. I can’t get enough of him. 

This big boy has so many little quirks and I wish I could capture all of them. He’s got the same gapped teeth I had as a kid, and I’m sure we’ll have to shell out money for braces someday. But for now I’m enjoying every bit of them and his perfect little smile. He learned the word no and puts his dishes in the sink when he’s done eating. 

I love a little boy with a clean haircut, so we are on the two week haircut schedule. He loves bugs and will stop at the sight of any bug on the sidewalk. Thankfully he’s improved at following directions and holding hands, because holding a kid in each arm isn’t always easy when I’m solo-mom. 

He’s tall, tall, tall. He towers over many of his classmates, even his three year old friends. His 3T jeans are getting short, and we’re pulling out the 4T sizes. When I’m changing Julia on the changing table, he takes her clothes and puts them in the hamper in the bathroom for me. He’s starting to be my little helper, and I intend on enjoying every bit of it. 

He loves Sunday School and claps with a big, “Yay!” when he sees the church out of the car window. And then he loves his sister so much he cries alligator tears when we drop her off in her church room, so we have to make sure to drop Mitchell off first.

He loves to color with his crayons, or as he refers to it, “cuh-yer!” His favorite movie is Toy Story, and Woody (“Woo-yee”) and Buzz (“Buh!”) are his very favorites. 

A little inside on this photoshoot… we were on our way home from a birthday party on the most gorgeous day at sunset, so we found a remote little spot on base and I grabbed my trusty camera out of the passenger seat and we had a ten minute detour. Until a snake came slithering out of that grass right under my feet, causing me to jump and scream like a little girl, scaring Mitchell to tears, thus ending our perfect little evening of fun. But we got some good ones before the eight foot [in reality like eight inch, ha!] snake ruined the fun. 

I am so excited for our Mommy-son dates with tag-along Julia this week. We’re headed to the local bouncy house indoor play park tomorrow with his little friends, then speech class, and then I’m taking this football loving boy to the local football game tomorrow night! And next week, we have a family date night with Steve’s unit at the base movie theater for a private showing of the Minion Movie, some hotdogs, and a big ol’ bucked of popcorn! These are the nights that I hope he remembers someday. Our handsome, perfect little boy, who we love more than he knows!

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