Friday Night Lights

Lately, Mitchell has been completely football obsessed. More accurately, he’s sports obsessed and I’m hoping I can take him to see a basketball game this winter and some baseball in the spring. Anytime it’s on TV, he makes sure to point it out to me [fuh-buh!], and of course, he’ll play catch for hours. The local high school team, the Camp Lejeune Devil Pups, were completely defeated. They hadn’t won a game all season. But it’s right down the road, it was the very last game of the season, and Mitchell doesn’t know any different. That, and I’m a huge believer in youth sports, as they did so much for me in my years growing up. 

The local high school is pretty small, considering it’s only made up of kids who live on base. It’s crazy to think there’s a chance Mitchell could be one of these boys someday, but then again, we haven’t a clue where we’ll be in two years, let alone in twelve!

It wasn’t quite the Friday Night Lights I grew up knowing, but still fun nonetheless. Mill Valley High School can put on some pretty great hometown football excitement. I would love to take Mitchell to one of these games, but the timing of our visits didn’t work out this year. We can’t wait to come back to this amazing place in a few short weeks, though! I love my hometown. 

I also love fall clothes. Hubby hats and flannels and Converse!

I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up. But staying my little baby boy at the same time. 

He clapped and jumped and stomped on the bleachers to his heart’s content. It was pretty exciting seeing multiple field-length touchdowns. Gotta love youth sports 😉

Our friends [who are moving to Michigan so, so soon], joined us! Nothing like a Mitchell photobomb 😉

Eventually our [Mitchell’s] attention spans winded down, halftime came, and we packed up and headed home. Mitchell had a blast, and I’m so glad we made the time to go! And, they ended up winning their first game 24-22 too! Maybe if we go a little earlier next year they won’t wait until the last game to win 😉 

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