150 Pounds of Love

Sometimes I forget to mention the doggies over here on the blog. We love them like another pair of really furry kids. I mean, who doesn’t love waking up to a paw in the face every morning? Or filling holes in the backyard, or my most recent venture, vacuuming up shredded pinecones that Loki decided were his newest chew toy. But seriously, we really do love them. They say a house is not a home without a dog, and it’s true. But boy, are they a lot of work. I’m convinced more work than the kids, actually. The dogs, perhaps more than anything, make me miss my husband’s help around the house. Right now I’m without another pair of hands, and I wish had him around to do walks and brushing and midnight bathroom outings. [Obviously not my top reason for missing him, but it’s definitely up there ;)]. But on the other hand, I can’t imagine our family without either one of these shedding, slobbery monsters. Zoe is my sweet snuggler and Loki is my shadow. I remember when they were just little twelve pound furballs and they could fit in my hand. Or when Mitchell and Loki were the same size and they’d crawl around our house in Florida together. They are so loyal and unconditionally loving, and I only wish I could get them to stop barking when people knock on the door and waking Julia up when I take them downstairs in the mornings, ha! A combined 150 pounds of love, and that’s a whole lot of love. 

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