Ten Months of Julia

This little girl has turned into quite the character. She flaps her arms and babbles back when you talk to her and claps when she’s excited. 

I spent last night working on her birthday party. It’s already that time. My sweet little girl is acting more like a toddler everyday, and in these pictures, she looks like one too. I can’t wait to celebrate her very first Christmas. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a Christmas as I am this year, but we’re all missing Steve around here and it won’t quite be the same without him. Bitter sweet. 

She’s been standing in the middle of rooms unassisted since she was seven months, but she’s not quite built up the courage to start taking those first steps. I wouldn’t be surprised it it’s this month, though. She’s got the hang of the walker-style toys and she’s cruise from one side of the room to the other pushing Mitchell’s Jeep. 

This girl is happy, all the time. Always smiling. Completely content. Feed her and tote her around on your hip and she’ll love you forever. 

Girl rocks the daycare scene. While Mitchell can be a little bit cranky at drop off, she never is. She returns a smile anyone flashes her, usually with some snorts and giggles. Everyone is so happy to see her, and it seems she’s made a name for herself among the staff as the happy baby. The best part, by far, is pick up time. When she sees me she lets out a high pitched squeal and crawls full speed across the room to come see me. The best. 

Sleeps like a champ. Usually averages about 12 hours, but the other day I woke her up after 18. Yes, 18. I must have checked on her 10 times. I think we might be in the midst of a growth spurt. Bedtime is a little earlier than usual with the early daycare wake ups. 

Without checking we have eight teeth completely in. There maybe a few more in the back making their way in now, but honestly, I haven’t paid much attention to them because she hasn’t shown any discomfort with them. 

She’s got a little personality and her facial expressions crack me up. I just love her to death. 

And I love those toothy grins. 

We had a little shopping spree last week to get ready for the holidays and to add to the gaps in her winter wardrobe and she came home with these. So cute, I can hardly stand them. 

She’s not a big fan of the bottle anymore and will refuse it for adult-sized portions of real food. I keep feeding her and she just keeps eating. Sometimes more than I do! 

I am your brother and you will love me. Love, Mitchell.

And I just had to share this one of Mitchell. In his zone – outside and looking for bugs. 

It’s Thursday and I can’t wait for the weekend! The Christmas decorations are slowly making their way up in our house. Next project – sewing Loki and Julia’s stockings to match everyone else’s! 

2 thoughts on “Ten Months of Julia

  1. TEN MONTHS?! Gosh, that doesn't seem possible.
    And what a happy little lady you have.
    As for those boots – oh my goodness, where did you get them?!!
    Also… Let's talk about how grown up Mitchell looks in these pics. Did I miss the 6th birthday? 😉


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