Kitchen Tables and Trains

When you’ve got two sick kids and you’re forced to take a sick day… this is what happens around here. We make sure Steve knows how much we wish he was here to help… get the 101+ degree fevers under control with some children’s Tylenol… round up comfy clothes for everyone… and order up some Domino’s because I surely didn’t feel like cooking. 

On Tuesday, Julia came down with a fever, sending her home early from daycare. On Wednesday, it was Mitchell. They have a policy that any child over 100 degrees goes home, and any child over 100 two days in one week can’t come back without a doctor’s note. So when I walked in to pick up Mitchell, they had the thermometer under Julia’s little arm. Knowing she was a ticking time bomb, since I gave her the Tylenol about four hours earlier, I scooped her up before they could count it as her second day. Trust me, I take her to the doctor when she needs it. But thankfully I was about 30 seconds from having to squeeze a doctor’s appointment into an already impossible schedule. Because, you guessed it, that little girl came home with a 101, just like big brother. Nothing that wasn’t solved by some Tylenol and a 4:00 pm bedtime. 

I am grateful when either of our babies get sick, they get uncharacteristically snuggly. And they sleep like a bear in hibernation.  

And when they get sick I turn into a big softie and let Mitchell do things like crawl on the table to play with his new trains. Grandma’s care package of new trains couldn’t have come at a better time. We sure got some use out of them tonight. Two hours worth. Mommy was trained out.

We wrapped up the night with bath time, FaceTime with Pop Pop, and some Youtube “buh-ball” (baseball) videos at Mitchell’s request. Boy loves him some sports highlight reels. He watches diligently on the edge of my lap and makes sure to give out the cutest round of applause when something seemingly exciting happens. I’m hoping this little bout of fevers is the extent of our sickness for the entire season. This Mommy can hope 🙂

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