Thanksgiving 2015

Seeing as we’re well into December now, it’s about time I did a quick recap of our whirlwind Thanksgiving in Kansas. It’s such a blessing every time we get to travel back to my hometown. Even when the trip is long (more on that here) and the visit is short. This Thanksgiving all of my family came to my parents house to see them, and for once, we were there to be a part of it! My Mom is a fabulous cook, and my Aunt Christeen showed up with her own dishes in hand. 

Side note… the picture of my mom and her sister cooking reminded me so much of this picture taken a few years back in New Hampshire, of my mother-in-law and her sister cooking! 

Okay, back to Kansas. My pretty momma had the countertops covered in dishes. 

Julia got passed around like a hot potato. 

Between my Aunt Christeen and myself, we took a lot of pictures. 

Mitchell woke up from his nap and joined the festivities. 

Great Aunt Christeen and Uncle Kenny.

Who, me?

I was behind the camera for most of the time, but I snagged a few pictures with the peanut. 

Murphy was happy for all the visitors. 

The girls spent most of the time cooking, while the boys spent most of their time eating. 

 This picture of Julia cracks me up! That’s her determined face. 

Mitchell is just fascinated with his Uncle Colby. 

My Mom had the most adorable little turkey outfit for Julia to wear! I can’t get over her. The happiest-go-luckiest baby of all time could very well be this girl. 

And last, but not least, nothing made my Dad more excited than when the mailman left this package on the door. This is what happens when you let the men take over the decorating. A leg lamp. He has been talking about this for years, and he finally did it. All I can say is, my poor mom. This might top the time he purchased an entire mossy oak bedding set for their bedroom… down to the matching curtains and bathroom towels. Might top it. The verdict is still out. 

And the funny part is, when we were driving out of their neighborhood the next day, we saw another leg lamp. I guess when the leg lamps come out, it’s really time to decorate for Christmas. ‘Tis the season. Stay tuned for our legless Christmas decorations. 

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